Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 46


Suddenly, the cold feel of an ice cube is circled around my right nipple then the left, causing my ni**les to become even harder. I grit my teeth then cry out as the ice cube travels down my stomach, around my belly button, and then over the lace that is covering me.

“I need to cool you down, baby. You’re really hot down here,” he says, but then the ice is gone and I hear some kind of metal-on-metal sound.

I scream when my nipple is pinched, and not by fingers, causing my eyes to fly open as I look down.

“Eyes closed,” he growls, making me wetter.

I close my eyes and squeak when he treats my other nipple to the same treatment as the first. The image in my head is strangely beautiful. He’s attached small, golden clamps to my ni**les. I can feel the pressure, but it’s odd, because at the same time, I can feel the connection from the clamp to my clit like a live wire.

“Perfect.” This time, his mouth comes down on mine, his teeth biting my lip, drawing my tongue out to play with his. His mouth travels down under my chin, between my br**sts, and around my belly, and then I feel him sit away from me as his hands slide under my ass, pulling my panties down then off. His hands come under me again, lifting my ass of the bed.

“Now you can open your eyes.” I do immediately; our eyes lock and his tongue licks right up my center. “Did you know you’re so f**king sweet that I could eat you for hours? I love how wet you are for me.” He sucks my clit into his mouth, my back bows, and the clamps on my ni**les shift, making me cry out. I tug my hands against their bindings, trying to get them free, but it’s no use. I’m completely at his mercy.

“I’m going to come,” I pant, feeling the pull and knowing I’m getting ready to crash over the edge. His mouth leaves me, his fingers running over me in soothing strokes, making me jolt and cry out. “I was so close,” I tell him, lifting my hips.

“I got you,” he breathes against my pu**y before licking me again. His fingers slide inside, and I cry out again as he flicks over my clit with his tongue. I’m close again, so I squeeze my eyes closed and lift higher, only to have him pull away again.

“Oh my God, I’m going to kill you!” I shout. His chuckle has me trying to kick him.

His hands grab my ankles then thighs, holding tight before his mouth is on me again. This time, his fingers fill me, his mouth covers me, his tongue thrashes before pulling my clit into his mouth, my head presses deeper into the bed, and I scream as I come harder and longer than I ever have. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud before I slowly come back to my body. The feeling is so overwhelming that I feel tears spring to my eyes.

He pulls the tie at my wrist, flips me over onto my stomach, lifts my hips, and slides into me, slowly filling me inch by inch; I can feel his piercing dragging inside me, hitting all the right spots. The nipple clamps attached to my ni**les pull them down, and the feeling of them dragging against the sheets causes me to moan. I arch my back, lifting my ass higher wanting it deeper.

“Shit, baby,” Nico groans from behind me, the noises he’s making spurring me on. His hands go under my arms, lifting me up and impaling me on him. Then one arm goes around my chest and the other hand slides down to my clit. With each thrust, my br**sts bounce, causing a jolt of electricity to shoot from my ni**les to my clit. “I need you to come, Sophie. Come with me.”

Nico shouts his release, pulling off the clamps one at a time then slapping my clit. The shock sends me over the edge and lights flash behind my closed eyelids. I can feel Nico deep inside me, his come filling me. We’re both breathing heavily as he leans us forward, falling into the bed with him behind me, wrapping himself around me.

“That was wow,” I say once I can talk.

“Yes, it was wow.” His lips travel up my neck to my ear. “So when are we getting married?” he asks, pulling my hand up.

I look over my shoulder and see that his eyes are on the ring on my hand. “Whenever you want.”

“Do you want a big wedding?” he asks, looking at my hand then me.

“Honestly, I’m okay with just getting the license then doing dinner or something.” I don’t want a big thing; I don’t really have anyone I would invite besides Maggie and Devon.

“I don’t care either. I just need you. The rest doesn’t even matter.”

“Then we agree?” I ask.

“I do want it done before the baby gets here.”

“It’s not a chore.” I roll my eyes.

“Baby.” He chuckles, kissing my shoulder again. This time, I bite my lip. My hormones are turning me into a crazy woman.

“Okay. Before the baby gets here,” I agree before turning around to face him. “I’m so sleepy.”

“Let me get you cleaned up so you can sleep.”

I watch as he walks into the bathroom of the hotel room. I hear the water running, and then he comes back to me and gently cleans between my legs before tossing the washcloth towards the bathroom. I lean over and turn off the lamp as he gets into bed, pulling me into him and the blanket over us.

“I love you,” I whisper, cuddling deeper into his side.

“You too, baby. Sweet dreams.” He kisses my forehead, and before I can reply, I’m asleep.

I unlock the front door and run to the phone, trying to reach it before the answering machine picks up. “Hello?” I breathe when I finally get it to my ear. Tossing my bag on the counter, I unhook the rest of the shopping bags from my arms.

“This is a collect call from Seattle Correctional Facility from inmate”—the automated voice clicks off and a man’s voice comes on the line—“William Grates.” Then it’s back to the automated voice. “Do you accept this call?”

I stand there, frozen. I can still remember the sound of his voice after all these years. It’s like nothing has changed.

“This is a collect call from…” the automated voice repeats itself.

It takes me a second to realize what the voice said—Seattle Correctional Facility. My dad is in prison. I quickly slam the phone down into its cradle and take a few deep breaths. I can’t talk to my dad now; there’s just no way. Why the hell is he calling me, anyways? Better yet—how the hell did he get this number? The phone starts ringing again and I have the urge to run away and hide.

“Babe, you gonna get that?” Nico asks, walking into the living room. Not having noticed that he’s home, I jump and my hand goes to my chest, trying to calm my pounding heart. “Babe, answer the phone,” he says this time, walking towards me.