Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 41


“Leo, shut the f**k up. Don’t dig yourself any deeper. My cousin’s a little sensitive where Sophie is concerned,” Kenton says, walking up on our conversation. “You good man?” I lift my chin before looking in on Sophie again. “What do we know?” Kenton asks, looking at Leo.

I half-listen as he retells what happened and what Sophie told me. “How’d they get into the house?” I ask, focusing back on the conversation.

“There was no forced entry, so at this time, we’re unsure. Sophie said she locked the door when she entered her residence, but she never checked the back door to make sure it was secure as well.”

“Did anyone see anything or anyone?” Kenton asks.

“No one saw anything. The person who stopped the assault when he entered the residence didn’t see anyone but Sophie,” Leo says.

“So basically, we got nothing?”

“Afraid so. Unless you have someone you suspect, then we got nothing to go on,” Leo says.

I’m frustrated as f**k. This is not what we need right now. “Jesus, this is so f**ked,” I growl. “This isn’t the first time someone has tried to break into her house, so this isn’t some random act,” I tell Leo.

“Yeah, I saw the previous report. She got any enemies?” Leo asks.

“No. No one.”

“Maybe an ex?”

“No, man. Nothing. There is no one in her past. She hasn’t even been in Tennessee long.”

“You sure she doesn’t have an ex? That’s normally the first person we suspect.”

“No one,” I repeat, starting to see red. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this shit, but no one stuck out to me. The only person who kept popping into my head was Sophie’s dad. “I need to make a call,” I say, looking between Kenton and Leo.

“Sure, man,” Kenton, says.

“Keep an eye on Sophie for me.”

He lifts his chin as I make my way to the side of the ambulance. I pull out my phone, find the number, and hit dial.

“Yello,” Justin answers, and I shake my head; this kid is a f**king mess.


“You got me, daddio. Congrats on that, by the way,” he says cheerfully.

“Jesus, you guys really do love to f**king gossip.”

“We’re friends. Friends share happy news.”

“Can you stop yappin’ like a forty-year-old housewife for a second?” I run a hand over my head, my eyes dropping to my boots.

“What’s up, man? Talk to me.”

“Someone broke into Sophie’s old place while she was inside. I need you to do a background on her dad. I want everything.”

“Shit, man. Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine. A little shook up, has a scratch and a couple bumps, but for the most part, she’s okay.”

“Jesus, dude. Give me the name you want me to run,” he says seriously, a tone I rarely hear out of him.

“His name is William Grates, and his last known place of residence was Seattle, Washington. He’s Sophie’s dad, so maybe you can trace him that way.”

“I got this. I’ll call you later with what I find out. Just go be with your girl.”

“Thanks, man.”

“Later,” he says, hanging up.

I walk back to where Kenton and Leo are still talking and look inside the ambulance. When Sophie’s eyes meet mine, she gives me a small smile before turning back to talk to the EMT. Something about that smile lets me know that everything will be okay. I look back at Kenton and he nods. My cousin is crazy as f**k, and as long as he’s in my corner, I know Sophie will be safe.

“Get back here.” I pull Sophie back under me after she tries to roll away. “Where are you going?” I kiss the skin of her neck. My hand runs along her thigh, up under my shirt she has on, along the smooth skin of her stomach, and then up to cup her breast.

When we got home last night, I helped her shower—even though she insisted she was fine—and carried her to bed so I could hold her close. I haven’t let her out of my grip since.

“Oh,” she breaths, and I watch as her head tilts back, giving me better access to her neck.

“Sensitive?” I question, running my thumb across her nipple. Last night, she said that her ni**les were extra sensitive when I was washing her in the shower. She nods as I tilt her face towards mine so I can take her mouth in a deep kiss. “What about this one? Sensitive?” I ask, traveling my hand to her other breast, tugging on that nipple.

“Yesss…” she hisses out, pressing herself deeper into my hand. Her hand closest to me travels down my abs and grips my erection, pumping once before her thumb slides over my piercing at the tip. My hips automatically shift, wanting closer to her.

“What about this? Is it sensitive?” I ask, running a finger over her folds before dipping in and then circling a finger outside her entrance.

“Oh, please,” she cries, making me smile. Her head turns, her eyes open, and they lock on mine as her fingers dig into my bicep.

“How did I get so f**king lucky?” I lean forward, kissing her mouth before kissing her chin, each nipple, and below her belly button, where I kiss my child.

I look up at her, pulling one of her legs over my shoulder before licking her in one long stroke. She’s gotten sweeter since becoming pregnant. Her taste hits my mouth and I can’t hold back; I take her aggressively, burying my face in her pu**y until I can hear her screaming my name.

Chapter 11

“But where are you going? Where in Seattle? Have you ever even been here before?” Sophie asks in rapid-fire succession.

We got to Washington yesterday for her best friend’s wedding. I hate f**king lying to her, but there is no way I’m telling her that I’m going to meet her dad. She doesn’t even know he’s in prison, and the last thing I want right now is her worrying.

“Baby”—I finish tying my boot and grab her hand before sitting back so I can pull her onto my lap—“I go to cities I know nothing about at least once a month. Don’t worry about me. I won’t be gone long.” I run a hand down her back, the other lying over her stomach.

Her eyes go to her lap before meeting mine again. “I hate being away from you.”

“You’re safe here,” I tell her. Since the attack, she hasn’t left my side. I hate having her away from me, but because we’re so far away from Tennessee, I know I can relax a little.