Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 31


I bury my face in her pu**y, placing one hand on her stomach to hold her down when her hips try to buck me off. “Come in my mouth, baby. I want to taste it,” I tell her before going back to licking and biting. I know she’s on the edge by the way she’s thrashing around on the bed.

I suck her clit into my mouth as I enter her with two fingers, scissoring them inside her. She comes on a scream, her taste flooding my mouth, her body convulsing around my fingers. I lay my forehead against her stomach, trying to calm down enough so that I won’t hurt her when I take her. I feel her body stop shaking as her hand goes to my hair, running through it softly.


“Just a second, baby.” I take a breath; I can feel my c**k throbbing. Having her taste in my mouth is not helping to calm me. It’s been too long.

“Are you okay?” she asks softly.

My eyes meet hers, and I take another deep breath before moving up her body. Her legs open wider, making room for me. I run my hand up the smooth skin of her thigh as the other cups behind her neck to bring her closer.

“Fine, I just need to be inside you.” My mouth opens over hers as I slide in deep. Her tight, warm heat has me pulling my mouth from hers to grit my teeth. “Fuck, your pu**y is too f**king hot.” I swivel my hips, keeping our bodies as close as possible. Her legs wrap around me, her hands going to my hair, holding me close.

“Nico,” she whimpers, her legs pulling me closer.

“I’m here, baby.” I hold her tighter, sinking into her, pulling out slightly, and sliding back in. I keep my strokes even, pressing into her fully and grinding my pelvis against her clit.

We’re both breathing heavily, our breaths mixing between kisses. I can feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest. A thin sheen of sweat has started to slicken our skin. Her hands roam over me, her nails digging into my skin on each thrust. I can feel her getting closer as her hips tip, making me slide deeper. I know I’m close when I start to feel that deep tingle and my toes start to curl.

“I’m going to—”

“I know,” I say, cutting her off, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as her pu**y squeezes my cock. I bury myself balls-deep inside her, letting her orgasm pull me over with her. I hold her close as I roll, pulling her on top of me. “You okay?” I ask once my breathing returns to normal.

“Yeah,” she whispers, cuddling closer. “I hated that you were gone, but hated it even more when you had to stay gone longer. I was really worried about you,” she confesses softly. I can feel her tracing one of the tattoos along my ribs.

“I hated being away from you too. You know that, right?” I tip my head down to look at her.

“Yes.” She nods, her eyes meeting mine, “I’m just glad you came home,” she says, and my heart squeezes at the word home. She is my home now.

“I will always come home to you. I won’t lie and tell you what I do isn’t dangerous sometimes, but I’m always careful, and now, with you, I have a whole new reason to stay safe.”

“Did you take care of whatever it was you were doing in Vegas?” she asks, and I feel my muscles tighten at her question; I’m not used to sharing things about my job with anyone but Kenton.

“I did as much as I could. Hopefully it won’t take long for the police to get the situation figured out.”

“What does that mean?” she asks, and I let out a long breath, wondering how much I should say. “You can tell me,” she encourages.

“There are bad people in the world. You know that, Sophie. I just don’t want you to know how bad some of them are, and I really don’t want to talk to you about this right after I just got home and I’m still inside you in our bed. We should make a pact now to never talk about work stuff while we’re in bed.”

“Fine.” She sighs before lifting her head and putting her chin on her hand. “You know how you want me to talk to you?”

“This is different. You and I both know it is.” I run my fingers through her hair. “There are going to be times I can’t or won’t tell you about my job.”

“Why?” she asks, shifting, making me groan and my dick jump.

“There are things I will always shield you from, and my work is one of them.”

“Don’t you think it’s better for me to know?”

“No, I don’t. If it’s something you need to know, I will tell you. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to trust me.”

“Okay, but if something happens to you, I’m going to kick your ass.”

I smile and flip her to her back, making her scream out in surprise. “How are you going to kick my ass when you can’t even get out of this position?” I ask, bending down to pull one of her ni**les into my mouth.

“I could if I wanted,” she breathes, pulling my mouth closer to her breast.

“You think so?” I ask before moving to her other nipple.

“I know I could,” she says, wrapping her legs around me; her hips rise up higher, causing me to sink deeper into her.

“Fuck,” I groan, surprised to feel myself hardening inside her.

Her hands go under my arms, her fingers running along my back before hooking around my shoulders. She moans before licking up my neck, breathing into my ear. “Ready?” she says, biting down on my earlobe.

I’m so lost in her that I’m caught off guard when one of her legs unwinds itself from my waist and goes to the bed. Her arms shift, and then I’m suddenly on my back with her standing over me on the bed and looking down at me.

“Holy shit,” I say in shock.

“Told you I could get out of it.” She smiles down at me before sitting, straddling my hips.

“Where did you learn that?” I ask, running my hands up her thighs.

“Devon, Maggie’s fiancé, is a cop and taught me some moves. He said it would help build my confidence back if I knew I could put someone on their back if they ever got me down.”

“You’re awesome, baby. I’m proud as f**k of you right now.”

“Really?” She smiles.


“Thanks,” she says shyly.

“Come here, sweet Sophie.”

I can see that she’s tired. I pull her down to lie against my chest, running a hand over her hair and down her back. I hold her until I hear her breathing even out and know she’s asleep. I roll her over and make sure she’s covered before I leave the room.