Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 30


“That’s not what I’m saying, f**ker. You can have a guy you trust at the door giving wristbands letting people know not to leave their drinks unattended. Until the DEA has enough to build a case against the main guy behind this, there just isn’t much you can do unless you want to close down your club.”

“I’m not letting those f**ks run me out of my own club,” he growls.

“So, you know what you need to do,” I tell him, sitting back in my chair.

“You sure you can’t stay for a few more days?” he asks, sitting down behind his desk.

“Nah, man.” I run a hand over my head and down my face, “Sophie has been on edge ever since someone tried to break into her house. She tries to hide it, but I know it bothers her.”

“Why don’t you just say you’re pu**y-whipped and want to go home to your girl?” he goads.

“When you find someone, you’ll understand. Until then, f**k off.”

“Why would I want to settle down when I have endless pu**y at my disposal?” He shakes his head.

“You say that now.”

“Just like you say you’re ready to settle down with one woman for the rest of your life.” He lifts an eyebrow.

“No, man. You think you will be happy banging some random chick every day for the rest of your life, but I can tell you now—eventually, that shit will get old. You’ll start thinking about starting a family and having someone to go home to, someone who isn’t after what you can do for them, but what they can do for you.”

“You start working for Hallmark?” he asks with a smirk.

“Say what you want, man, but I know when I get home, Sophie will be waiting for me with open arms.”

“When I get home, the hot blonde I met today will be waiting for me with open legs,” he remarks.

“You’re lying to yourself if you think that kind of life will satisfy you forever.”

“Whatever, man,” Sven grumbles, but I can see it in his eyes that he knows I’m right, even if he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. “You know you’re a brother to me. Thanks for coming out here on such short notice to help me out.” He sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“I’ve always got your back,” I tell him, meaning that shit. Sven is family, even if it isn’t by blood.

“All right, before you start getting all sappy and shit, let me call and have the plane readied to take you home.”

“That would be appreciated.” I smile, ready to get home to my girl. After I make it onto the plane, I send a quick text to Sophie, letting her know I’ll be home soon.

The cab pulls up in front of my house a little after seven that night. I start to make my way up the sidewalk when the front door is thrown open and Sophie—wearing a pair of sweats, a tank top, and her hair down, lying against the tops of her breast—runs to me at full speed. I drop my bag to the ground as she crashes into me so hard I’m forced to take a step back to catch her without toppling backwards. She wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her mouth crashes down on mine as one of my hands goes to her ass and the other to her hair so I can control the kiss. I pull her head to the side, opening my mouth under hers, her taste exploding in my mouth as soon as her tongue touches mine. Both of her hands move to hold on to my face as she kisses me back.

“I missed you,” she breathes, pulling her mouth from mine to look down at me.

“Missed you too, baby,” I tell her, pushing her hair out of her face. That’s when I see the bags and dark circles under her eyes and know that she hasn’t been sleeping. “Why didn’t you tell me you haven’t been sleeping?”

“I…I didn’t want you to worry,” she says, looking over my shoulder.

“Baby, even when I know you’re okay, I worry about you.” I pull her face back down for another kiss. When I pull my mouth from hers, I whisper against her lips, “You should have told me you needed me.” I crouch down and pick up my bag.

“Let me down,” she says, trying to unwrap her legs from around my waist.

“No,” I growl as I squeeze her ass, pulling her tighter against me. “I’m not letting you down until I get you to bed, and then I’m going to f**k you so hard you won’t have a choice but to fall asleep afterwards,” I say. Her hips shift, rubbing against my erection. I can feel the heat coming off her pu**y through my jeans and her sweats. “Are you wet for me?” I ask, dropping my bag just inside the front door. Daisy starts jumping around at our feet. I’ll come back out and give her some attention, but only after I’ve gotten inside my girl and put her to sleep.

Sophie moans, her tongue licking up my neck to my ear before biting down. I stumble slightly before running us into the wall, holding her up with my hips.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan, my hands ripping the front of her top down the middle, baring her tits to me. My head drops forward, pulling one nipple into my mouth while pulling and pinching the other between two fingers. I hear her head fall back against the wall with a soft thunk as her hips roll into me. “You wet now?” I ask, looking up at her.

She nods, and I shake my head.

“I don’t think you’re wet enough. I want you drenched when I eat you.” I press into her harder; hearing her soft moan is music to my ears. “You want me to eat your pu**y?” She shakes her head. “You don’t?” I ask, surprised.

“No, I want you.” She bites her bottom lip, shifting her hips against me.

“You’re gonna get me, but I haven’t had your taste on my tongue for a week. I need it, so you’re gonna be a good girl and lay back and let me eat your hot little pu**y until I’m full, and then I’ll give you the dick,” I promise.

She moans again as I pull her away from the wall, walking into my bedroom. Laying her on the bed, I look down at her for a second before pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it behind me, toeing off my boots and pulling off my jeans and boxers in record time. She watches my every move with her beautiful eyes clouding with lust, her lower lip caught between her teeth, and her thighs rubbing together.

Once naked, I go to the bed, and my hands go under her ass to pull her sweats off, along with her panties. Her eyes roam over me; I can feel them burning into my skin. I toss her clothes over my shoulder before my hands go to her thighs to spread them wide. My mouth lands right on her center, licking deep the first time. I missed her taste; I could never get enough of it.