Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 26


I get out of bed, find a shirt for him, and pull another one on over my head. It’s so long that it hits me just above my knees, so I figure I’m covered enough. I walk into the living room and see Nico in the kitchen with his hip against the counter and a cup of coffee in his hand. Another guy is there with him; his back is to me, but he’s big—even a little bigger than Nico. I pause where the hardwood floors start when Nico’s head turns my way and our eyes lock. I feel nervous seeing this other guy in the kitchen, and not knowing who he is makes my hands begin to sweat and the need to run take over.

“Come here, Sophie,” Nico says, his eyes watching me closely.

I swallow hard, trying to fight my own fears, trusting Nico to take care of me. The guy in the kitchen has turned his head and is now watching me, and I tug at the bottom of Nico’s shirt I put on.

“Sophie,” Nico repeats, and I look at him and see that he has stepped away from the counter. “This is my cousin, Kenton. Remember you saw him with me when the guy was trying to break into your house?”

His cousin. This guy is part of his family. I take a breath then let it out. “Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you,” I say, smiling shyly at him as I wipe my sweaty palms off on the shirt.

His eyes look me over then go soft. “You too, doll,” he says gently.

What is with these big scary guys and their gentle souls? I wonder.

“You want some coffee, babe?” Nico asks.

My eyes go to him and I nod. “Yes, please. I’ll be right back,” I say, walking quickly back to the room; I need to put some pants on. I already feel uncomfortable being around people, and being half dressed won’t work in my favor.

When I get back to the kitchen, Nico has a cup of coffee and toast with honey waiting for me. I hand him a shirt, and he smiles, kissing my forehead before setting the shirt on the counter. Suddenly, he lifts me at my waist and sets me on the counter near the corner so that he is between me and Kenton. I’m not sure if he knows what he’s doing, but I suspect he does it on purpose, and I want to cry with relief that he gets it.

“So, what are you guys doing this weekend?” Kenton asks, looking between the two of us.

I know what I want to do—I want to go back to bed and maybe have a good look at that piercing. I feel my cheeks heat up when I think about the way I felt when he was inside me, how alive my body felt when he made me orgasm with it, and how I really wanted another couple million of them.

“Baby, stop,” Nico says, his mouth next to my ear, “I can tell exactly what you’re thinking, and you’re gonna make me be rude to my cousin, ‘cause I’m about to pick your sexy little ass up, carry you to the bedroom, slam the door, and have my way with you again whether he can hear your screams or not.”

I bend my head forward, blocking my face with my hair. My face feels like it’s on fire. Apparently, I am now a super slut. “Sorry,” I whisper.

“Don’t be,” he whispers back, his hand running along my thigh as he kisses my forehead. “I think we’re just going to hang around here,” Nico says, leaning his hip against the counter between my legs and picking up his coffee cup.

“You’re not going home?

“Nah. Cash, Lilly, and the kids just got home from Alaska. Asher’s praying over November’s belly for a little boy, and Trevor is keeping Liz at home, waiting for her to go into labor.”

“Jesus, you guys are like a baby-making factory,” Kenton says, shaking his head.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Nico mumbles, and I look at him and see that he is serious. His eyes meet mine and go soft before he leans in, kissing me once again.

“Shit, you too?” Kenton asks.

Nico nods before leaning back again.

“I knew, but I mean… I didn’t know how serious you were.”

“That serious, my man,” he says, rubbing my thigh again.

I feel a nervous laugh climb up my throat; I cover my mouth, trying to hold it in, but I can’t. Kenton looks at me and smiles, and Nico shakes his head.

“What’s so funny?”

I shake my head before bursting out laughing. “Sorry.” I laugh again and cover my face.

“You gonna let us in on the joke?” Nico asks, pulling my hands away from my face, smiling at me.

“Baby factory,” I say, repeating Kenton’s words, and I can’t help but laugh again. I’m not even sure why I find it so funny.

“It’s true, doll. My cousins are tryin’ to take over the world with their offspring,” Kenton says, smiling.

“Yeah? You wanna start your shit? How are things going with you and Autumn?” Nico asks.

Kenton’s face changes completely. The smile he’s wearing slides off his face, and he growls, “Don’t start, Nico.”

“What, you don’t want me to tell you that you’re a stupid f**k?”

“Fuck you,” Kenton says, glaring at Nico.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“You know, I came over here to get a break from that drama.”

“You need to put an end to that drama, man, and just do what you both need.”

“How can I when the damn woman won’t listen to me?”

“Make her listen,” Nico says, and Kenton glares, shaking his head. I feel sorry for him for some reason; he looks like he’s really upset about whatever it is they’re talking about. “Fix your shit.”

“You think I haven’t tried?” he asks softly, looking guilty.

“No, I don’t think you have. I know you. I know that, when you want something, you make it happen. So you can sit there all day feeling sorry for yourself and talking bullshit, but I know if you wanted to, you would be at home with her right now instead of drinking my coffee and interrupting my day off with my woman.”

“Hey.” I hit him in chest.

“What? It’s true.” Nico shrugs like he wasn’t just a giant jerk.

“It’s not nice,” I tell him.

“I don’t need to be nice to anyone but you.” His eyes meet mine and go soft, and I shake my head at his logic.

“I’m gonna head out,” Kenton says, standing.

“You don’t have to go,” I tell him quickly, feeling guilty that he’s leaving because I’m here.

“It’s okay, doll. I got stuff to do anyways,” Kenton says, taking one last drink from his coffee cup and putting it on the counter near the sink.