Until Nico

Author: P Hana

Page 23


“You say that, but a giant purple dildo just fell out of my closet and hit you on the head. That is the definition of a reason to be embarrassed.”

“You have to admit it’s pretty damn funny.” I chuckle, and her eyes narrow.

“I’m really going to kill Maggie,” she growls.

“Is that the only toy you have?” I ask, watching her eyes get wide.

“I don’t have toys.”

“Guess we’ll have to change that.”

“What?” she breathes, searching my face.

“Finish packing,” I tell her without saying anything else. My dick’s hard as f**k thinking about the things I’m going to show her. The image of f**king her with her wrists bound to my bed and clamps attached to her ni**les has me groaning and shoving my face into her neck. “Please just finish packing.” I kiss her once on the side of her neck before stepping back.

“Okay,” she whispers shakily before going back to her bed to finish packing.

It’s after five in the morning by the time we reach my house. I park my bike back in the garage before helping Sophie carry her bags inside.

“Hey, girl.” Sophie stops to pick up Daisy, who is bouncing around at our feet. She follows me down the hall to my bedroom, talking to Daisy in a baby voice the whole way. I drop her bags into my closet, walk to Sophie to take Daisy from her hands, and set her outside the bedroom door before closing it. “What are you doing? She always sleeps with me when I’m here,” she says, her eyebrows drawing together.

“You’re right, but we’re not going to sleep right now,” I tell her, walking her backwards towards the bed.

My mouth drops to hers and I lick the seam of her mouth before pulling her bottom lip between my teeth and biting it. I feel her fingers digging into my chest as my hands slide her shirt up and over her head. I’m done holding myself back. I pull away from her long enough to drag my shirt over my head. I can hear her breathing increase as my hands go to the button of her jeans, unsnapping it before dragging her zipper down.

Our eyes are locked; her hands go to my shoulders, her nails digging into my skin. I shove her jeans down her hips before pushing her back to the bed, grabbing them by the ankles, and pulling them off completely. I toss them to the side, running my hands up her calves to her thighs before taking her mouth in another deep kiss. I move between her legs, spreading them wider with mine. I slide my hand around her back, flicking the clasp of her bra and popping it open.

“Oh,” she whispers, her eyes widening as I slowly drag her straps down her shoulders, exposing her tits.

“Jesus, you’re beautiful.” I drop to my knees on the floor so her br**sts are level with my face. Keeping our eyes locked, I pull one nipple into my mouth. Hers opens on a silent moan, her head falling back. “Watch me, baby,” I demand. My hands run up her thighs and my thumbs trail over her pu**y on the outside of her panties before traveling up to her hips. “Lift.”

She does as she’s told, her hips lifting slightly off the bed enough for me to pull them down. I lean back to drag them down her legs. Once off, I go back to my original position between her legs. Our eyes meet again, and hers look nervous.

“Trust me to take care of you.”

She nods, and I pull her mouth up to mine, my fingers fisting in her hair as I kiss her once more before dragging my mouth away to kissing a trail down her neck, cupping both br**sts. Then I lick and bite both ni**les before kissing down her stomach. I nip the skin above her pubic bone and see the muscles of her abdomen tighten.

“Sit up and watch me.”

Her arms go behind her to prop herself up on her elbows, pushing her br**sts out. I spread her thighs farther apart before licking her pu**y from bottom to top.

“Oh God!” she cries out, one of her arms coming out from behind her. Her hand grabs my hair.

I keep at her, licking her, f**king her with my mouth. I put one finger inside her then add another, her hips lifting as she screams my name. I feel her pu**y already clamping down hard on my fingers.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so hot.” I pull her limp body up the bed before leaning back to pull off my jeans and positioning myself between her legs. Leaning forward, I kiss her deeply as her fingers dig into the muscles of my ass, trying to pull me inside. “You want my cock?” I ask against her mouth, biting her bottom lip. My dick is throbbing, my balls pulling up tight, ready to explode.

“Yes, please,” she begs, her hands moving up to claw my back. Her nails burrowing into my skin causes me to shift my hips forward, the head of my c**k rubbing against her wetness.

“I’m gonna give it to you, but I gotta go slow. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nods, her eyes widening when she looks down between our bodies. I can see fear on her face now. I’m not a small guy to begin with, and having a Prince Albert piercing makes look that much more intimidating, which is why I didn’t show her before.

“What is that?” she asks. If it weren’t for the scared sound of her voice, I would have laughed.

“It’s just a piercing, baby. Look at me.” I hold her face; her eyes lock on mine. “I promise it will feel good.”

She nods, and I hold my c**k in one hand, sliding through her folds before pressing myself slowly inside her. Her wet, tight heat wrapping around me has my head dropping forward, my teeth gritting.

“You feel so good.” I lift my head so I can watch her face; her eyes close, and I can feel the barrier proving that she is mine and only mine. I run my finger along her cheek, and her eyes open at my touch. “You know, the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one for me,” I say gently, watching her eyes get big. “You’re mine, Sophie. Every beautiful inch of you is mine.”

I thrust completely inside her, wanting to get it over with. She cries out, and I stop moving, just watching her face as she adjusts to me. She feels so good that it’s taking everything in me not to slam into her like a madman.

“I gotta move, baby. Are you okay?”

“Yes.” She brings her fingers up to my face, running them down my jaw. The look on her face is so gentle, and it holds so much emotion that I know she feels it too.

I start to move slowly at first, my hand traveling down her side to lift her thigh around my waist. Our mouths meet again in a slow kiss. My strokes are slow and gentle, not wanting to hurt her. Her pu**y starts to pull me deeper, and I’m so close that my balls start to pull up tight from the way her walls are squeezing me.