Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 65


“I’ll think about it,” Cash says, and just like that, Ashlyn won another round and she knows it. She makes it obvious by throwing herself at Cash.

“You’re the best dad ever!” she cries. He wraps his arms around her, kissing her forehead, and then she’s gone, bouncing to her room.

“You know that your daughter is a f**king handful,” he grumbles, his hand coming down on either side of me.

“She is your daughter too,” I tell him.

“She is all you, baby, so sweet when she needs to be, but a dog with a bone when the time calls for it.”

“I think those are your traits.”

“You know that you’re getting punished for going against me in front of her, right?”


“No, don’t you Cash me, baby. You earned this shit.” I don’t know why he always says it like a threat, when in reality, it’s a reward and makes me want to be bad and go against him all the time.

“Did you talk to Jax about the condoms?” I ask him.

“I had the bird and the bees talk with him. And I know that you don’t like it, and you still think of him as your baby, but he is growing up; he will be seventeen soon.” I do still think of him as my baby, because he is. Jules has been in jail since she kidnapped Ashlyn. I was afraid at first, but my boy is so strong that he pushed through everything and ended up shining even brighter because of it. Jules is still in jail and has never once tried to contact him or Cash, or if she did, I don’t know about it. Cash nuzzling my neck brings me back to reality.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I try pushing him away. “And what the hell do you mean that he’s all grown up? I still buy his underwear, so until I stop doing that and he starts doing it for himself, he is not grown up.” Cash starts laughing, his whole body shaking mine, and his face goes into my neck. I roll my eyes, running my hands through his hair.

“I love you, baby,” he says once he gets control of himself. He lifts his head, looking at me. He still looks at me like I’m the most important thing in his life. Yes, he feels the same way about his kids, but each of us gets a different look from him.

“I love you, too,” I whisper, looking into his handsome face. He was even more handsome than he was a few years ago. Age has made him even sexier, and I think having a happy home life makes his soul happy enough to shine through.

* * *


“Drop the towel and get on the bed,” I tell Lilly as soon as I walk into the room. She doesn’t even hesitate; her eyes darken and she walks right to the bed, lying down. “Good girl, now spread,” I command her, and she does as I say, her breath increasing. “You know, I should spank you for not agreeing with me about Ashlyn this morning, but since I know that you like that shit so much, I’m just going to give you a different kind of punishment,” I tell her, stripping off my clothes. I walk to the edge of the bed, my hand on my dick working myself in smooth strokes. Her eyes are watching, and I know she loves to see me touch myself. She always thinks she can get away with everything, and most of the time that is the truth, but not this time. This time she is going to pay. I’m not ready for my daughter to date, and I need Lil onboard with me. I get up off the bed, kneeling near her head. “Open,” I tell her, and she does what I say, her mouth opening eagerly. I feed her my c**k inch-by-inch; her eyes light up when my hand goes to her breast and I pull on one nipple, then the other, getting them hard. Her body is writhing, wanting more contact. I move my hips, f**king her mouth. “Fuck, yes, just like that,” I encourage her. “Now lift your hips so I can play with your pu**y, baby.” She does, and my fingers make contact with her clit before sliding two inside. “You’re soaked,” I growl and she nods, grinding her pu**y against my hand. I play with her some more, then pull away when I feel her body tell me she’s close. She whines, but she doesn’t stop sucking me off. I pull her ni**les again before going back to her pu**y. She is in a frenzy; I can see it in her eyes. I pull my dick out of her mouth and position my head between her legs, propping her feet on my shoulders. My mouth latches onto her; my whole face is soaked with her arousal. I add a finger, and when I know she’s close, I sit up. I want so badly to f**k her, but not yet; she needs to learn.

“Cash!” she cries.

“You gonna side with Ashlyn again?”

“What?” Her whole face is flushed, her lips swollen. Jesus, she is beautiful.

“You sided with Ashlyn. You gonna do that shit again?”

“If I say no, will you make me orgasm?” she snaps.

“Only if you say it and mean it, Lil.”

“Fine, I will only side with you.” And that’s all I need to bury my face in her pu**y. My arm wraps around her thigh and I slide two fingers inside her. She comes, and her orgasm is so powerful I’m surprised she doesn’t buck me off her and the bed. Once she’s settled, I flip her to her stomach, lift her ass, and slide home. I pound hard, her ass moving with every stroke.

“Lift your ass, Lil,” I growl, my c**k balls deep inside her. I love her ass; I love the way it moves when I f**k her from behind, and I definitely love this position. “Higher.” I slap her ass hard, watching my handprint appear on her creamy skin. I still love when she wears my mark. I don’t think she has gone one day without a hickey or some other mark from me somewhere on her body since we got back together.

“I can’t, Cash. I’m going to come,” she cries, shoving her face into the pillow.

“I know, baby. I feel you starting to squeeze the f**k out of my cock.” I ram her harder, beginning to feel my balls pull up, and the tingling in my spine intensifies. Her hips start thrusting back against me harder. I wrap a hand around her waist, running it down her stomach and over her clit. She cries out again, her wetness and the silkiness of her walls closing tightly around me from her orgasm, making me come hard inside her. I slow my strokes, drawing out each of our climaxes before falling to the side and bringing her with me. She turns around, crawling on top of my chest. I run my fingers through her now-blonde hair, trying to get my breathing to calm.

“You know you can punish me anytime, right?” she jokes, making me smile.

“Yeah, I know.” I give her a squeeze. “But I’m serious, Lil, against the kids, we are a unit. If you think I’m doing something wrong, we talk that shit out in private. I know that you and Ashlyn both think I’m not fair between her and Jax, and a lot of times I’m not, but I have my reasons. She is a girl, and she’s vulnerable in ways that Jax isn’t.”