Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 64


“You gonna take him with you in the ambulance to the hospital?” Trevor asks.

“Yeah. Can you call Lil’s dad and ask him to bring the girls to meet us at the hospital?”

“You got it. Do you want one of us to ride with you?”

“Nah,” I tell them, walking away. I get back into the ambulance holding my son and looking at my daughter. They are both so small and defenseless. When we get to the hospital, there is a blur of activity. We’re escorted into a room, and the doctors run more tests on Ashlyn, who still hasn’t woken up.

“Cash!” I hear yelled, and I stand with Jax still in my arms. He still hasn’t woken up either. I had the doctor look him over and they said that he is fine, probably just crashed from having an adrenalin rush. When I clear the doorway, Lilly is running towards me still yelling out my name. When she sees Jax and me, her eyes close and she stops in the middle of the hall. I go to her, needing to touch her.

“Baby, they are both okay,” I tell her, holding her with one arm. Her arms wrap around Jax and me, and we stand there for a few minutes before I kiss her forehead and grab her hand, leading her to Ashlyn. Once in the room, she goes right to her bedside, looking down at our daughter who looks so fragile.

“Why isn’t she awake?” she asks.

“They don’t know, but they said she is fine. Her vitals are all normal and she doesn’t have any injuries; it just looks like she doesn’t want to wake up yet. Neither of them wants to wake up yet.” We wait for what seems like forever in silence for Ashlyn to wake up, and when she does, she doesn’t even know what happened to her. She has no recollection of Jules at all. The police and everyone believe she was drugged while in the yard. My brave son, who had the courage to follow his sister, woke up not long after her. I can tell he’s still upset about what happened, but he’s happy to have his sister back, and us all together. That night, when we finally get home, and after getting everyone tucked into our bed, I thank God for keeping my family safe and together. None of us are going to be out of each other’s sight for a while. I think Lil and I both need to be able to see the kids at all times for about the next six months.

Ironically, that happens to be around the time that Jules gets sentenced to twenty years in jail without the possibility of parole. The crimes against her are numerous, and she is proven guilty with each and every one of them. I sit down on the couch, and Lilly cuddles into my side while Jax and Ashlyn argue over which movie we are going to watch. I don’t care what I do with my family; as long as we are together, I’m a happy man.

“Thank you for giving me this,” I whisper into Lilly’s ear. Her head turns towards me, her eyes searching my face.

“You know that you give us everything, right? You are the like the moon to our family ocean. You’re magnetic; we will always follow you and try to give you back what you give to us.” She leans up and kisses me before laying her head back against my chest. I don’t know what I did to deserve her or my children, but I will always do everything within my power to keep them safe and happy.



“Mom, Dad, can you guys stop being so gross? No one wants to see their parents making out,” Ashlyn says walking into the living room.

“Yeah that’s some sick shit,” Jax says, following behind his sister and ruffling her hair. She punches him in the arm in response.

“Hey, mouth,” I scold.

“Sorry, but really, why don’t you guys try acting like normal parents?” Jax complains flopping down onto the couch.

“If you don’t like it, you got a room,” Cash says and Jax rolls his eyes shaking his head.

“I had to come in here, I need some extra money. I’m taking Becky to homecoming.” Jax says, his eyes lighting up and I inwardly growl. I hate that Jax is grown up. I was putting is his laundry away the other day and found a half a box of condoms. Condoms, I didn’t even want to think about him having a penis let alone him using it on anyone.

“Chris asked me to go with him,” Ashlyn says jumping up making Cash’s eyes narrow. I know exactly what’s coming so I sit back on the couch.

“You are not going,” Cash says.

“Good luck with that, sis,” Jax laughs, getting off the couch and leaving the room.

“Dad, if Jax can date, then I should be allowed to date too,” Ashlyn says, her eyes narrowing on her father. I try not to laugh, but it’s funny watching Cash try to come up with an excuse for why his sixteen-year-old son can date, but his sixteen-year-old daughter can’t. His eyes meet mine and narrow. I give him my best ‘I’m innocent’ smile, making his jaw tic. After everything that happened, we agreed to not have any more kids. We both just wanted to enjoy Ashlyn and Jax without adding another baby to the bunch. Besides, everyone had gone baby-crazy, and there were plenty of Mayson children to occupy everyone.

“I have told you before that you’re a girl.”

“I know I’m a girl, Dad, but I really wanted to go to homecoming with Chris. It’s not fair that Jax gets to go and I don’t.”

“You want to help me out here?” He looks at me, and I shake my head no. He mouths the word ‘spanking’ and I tighten my thighs in response. I don’t know how it is for other married couples, but for us, our sex life has only improved with time. He knows exactly how and where to touch me, or what to say to have me craving him all day, so that when we finally connect, I jump him. I think it’s why he does what he does.

“Dad, this is not fair,” she whines, then looks at me. “Mom, tell him that it’s not fair.” She stomps her foot.

“Cash, this is not fair,” I tell him, trying not to smile.

“See, Dad? Mom agrees that it’s not fair.” Cash looks at me over her head, and I know that whatever punishment I get tonight is going to be good.

“Honey, you have to agree that it’s not fair for Jax to go when she can’t,” I tell him honestly. I try not to get involved with things like this, but it’s ridiculous that he lets Jax do whatever he wants, while Ashlyn is supposed to be locked away in her room.

“She is younger than him. They are only the same age for a few months, so I do think it’s fair,” he growls at me, and I hold up my hands.

“I never get to do anything!” she cries, and that is a total crock. She gets her way, just like now. The only thing she has to do is wait it out, and her Dad will crack and agree to let her go.