Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 54


“Flex, he is one of my best friends. We went to school together.” I grab her hand and start heading towards the front of the chapel when Lilly trips and I have a nanosecond to catch her before her head hits the pew. “Even on our wedding day,” I joke, helping to get her feet underneath her. Making sure she’s steady, I give her another kiss.

“I can’t help it; I have two left feet,” she replies, trying to catch her breath.

“You are the clumsiest person I have ever met.”

“So you’ve said,” she mumbles.

“It’s the truth, and it’s even documented.”

“My mom and her big fat mouth,” she grumbles, looking adorable. Lilly’s mom told me that Lilly would get hurt so much when she was little that CPS were called in to review her case. They didn’t believe that it was the case of a clumsy child until she fell down, splitting her forehead open in the office of the caseworker. She still has a tiny scar to prove it.

“You have to admit it’s pretty funny,” I tell her.

“Maybe a little.” She smiles. I stop when Ashlyn grabs my hand, and I pick her up and walk the few steps separating Flex and me.

“You really did it?” he asks, pulling me in for a hug. I pat his shoulder and lean back.

“Flex, Christy, this is my daughter, Ashlyn, and my beautiful wife Lilly. You both already know my little hellion, Jax.”

“Jax, my man,” he says, giving Jax a fist bump before he runs off to the other kids. Then Flex reaches over, touching Ashlyn’s hair. “You look like your old man, pretty girl.”

“No, I’m a girl; I look like my mommy.” She scrunches up her face, looking all kinds of cute.

“Is that so?” Flex laughs.

“Yes.” Ashlyn smiles, then looks over at Jax talking to the other kids. “Can I go play with them?” she whispers to me. I nod, setting her down, and she runs right over to Jax’s side. Flex and Christy’s kids are beautiful, all caramel skin, curly golden hair, and big hazel eyes.

“Nice to meet you both,” Lilly says, putting her hand out in Flex’s direction, then she squeaks when he pulls her in for a hug, rocking her back-and-forth.

“Don’t mind him, girl. He may look scary, but as you can see, he’s a big teddy bear,” Christy says, giving Lilly a hug. “Congratulations. You’ve got a good man,” she tells Lilly, making her nod.

“Yeah, I kinda lucked out.”

“Man, you should have told us to come earlier so we could watch,” Flex says.

“Nah, I just wanted it to be us and the kids. But you guys should fly out for our reception in a few months,” Cash tells him, slapping his shoulder.

“That would be good. I haven’t seen your brothers in a while.”

“So you’re only in town for the night, and the whole time you’re here, you’re gonna be locked up in your room at the hotel? You don’t even want to come to the house and watch a game with me?”

“Did you not hear the part where I just got married to this beautiful woman?” I ask him. He looks at Lilly and smiles.

“Gotcha.” He pulls Christy into his side, kissing her temple. “So you still want to meet up in the morning for us to drop off the kids and have brunch?” I feel Lilly tense at my side, so I soothed my hand over the smooth skin of her arm.

“Jax has known Flex, Christy, and their kids his whole life, and they are going to watch the kids overnight for us.”


“She will be fine,” Christy tells her. Lilly looks over to where Ashlyn is playing with the other kids. “If she isn’t okay, we will call and bring her back to you,” Christy says, and I realize I never even thought about the fact that Lilly has only been away from Ashlyn once, when my mom kept the kids for us. After we talk a few more minutes, we head over to the hotel to get some clothes for the kids. Ashlyn has taken right to Christy and the kids, making Lilly feel better about leaving her with them. Twenty minutes after we get to the hotel, I finally kick everyone out of the room, ready to start our honeymoon. I know one day we will have a real one, but I’m not sure when that will be, so I’m going to enjoy the f**k out of this night while we’re here, and I’m going to make damn sure Lilly never forgets her wedding night.

I close the distance between us, loving the way she looks in her dress. She is so effortlessly beautiful. “Want to play a game?” I ask her, smiling when her eyes flare.

“What kind of game?” She bites her lip, and her breathing has sped up.

“Naked Hotel.”

“Hmm…I don’t know. Last time we played Naked House Day, you almost killed me.”

“Death by cock.” I chuckle, but my smile dies when I notice how hard her ni**les are through the thin silky material of her dress. My hands slide up the curve of her waist, then up, cupping her br**sts. Her head falls back and she moans. I pull my hands away and take a seat, spreading my legs wide. I rub my jaw. Part of me wants to rip the dress from her body, but the other part of me wants to watch her as she undresses slowly.

“What’s wrong?” Her eyes dart around the room before coming back to me.

“I want you to undress for me,” I tell her, palming my c**k through the too-thick material of my tux. I want inside of her so badly I can feel my balls drawing up tight.

“Undress for you?” she repeats, looking around the room again.

“Look at me, baby.” Her eyes meet mine, and this time, they are dark with lust. “Pull down the top of the dress and let me see your tits.” She looks unsure, but her hands go to her top at the same time I start unbuttoning my dress shirt. Once I have my shirt unbuttoned, I sit back. “Pull down the top of your dress.” She looks down at my lap, then back up, her hands running up her sides, over her br**sts, before pulling down the top. Her br**sts are firm and high, and her ni**les dark pink and pebbled tight. I unbuckle my pants and pull down my zipper before pulling my c**k free. Lilly’s eyes flash and she licks her lips. “Tug them, baby. Touch yourself how you like me to touch you.” She does, her back arching, eyes closing, and I palm myself, running my hand up and down the length in steady strokes. “Pull that dress the rest of the way off.” My voice is rougher.

I watch as she shimmies the dress down, showing off inch after beautiful inch of skin. Once free of the dress and standing in only a sheer thong and heels, her hands cup her br**sts. “Don’t hide from me; give me what I want. Pull on those pretty little ni**les for me.” Her fingers pull at her ni**les as her eyes watch what my hand is doing. She crosses her legs. I know she’s wet; I can see her arousal. “Come here.” I spread my legs wider so she has room to stand between them. She starts to kneel, but I stop her with a hand on her hip. “No, I want you to turn around and bend over.” Her breath begins coming out in short pants. She searches my face before turning around. Her beautiful ass is toned and round, giving her body an hourglass shape. Her body curves over, the fullness of her pu**y peeking out from between her legs, showing through the sheerness of the thin material covering her. Running my hands up the outside of her thighs, I feel her shiver under my palms. Once I have her hips in my hands, I pull her back to me, covering her with my mouth.