Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 53


“Dad, can I call Lilly, Mom?” Jax yells, making Cash swing his head towards us. Oh no, he doesn’t look happy. Crap, crap, crap. I go to stand when Cash squats beside me.

“Is that what you want, little dude?”

“I know she’s not my real mom,” he says, looking at Cash, then me, “but can’t I have two moms?” His little head drops, and I want to hold him so badly that I feel my skin prickle.

“Of course you can,” I tell him, not caring for one second if it’s the right thing or not. I love Jax as much as I love Ashlyn, and think of him as my son, so I’m happy he feels the same about me. Today really is the perfect day; not only am I marrying the man I love, but I’m also gaining a son.

Chapter 12


I look down at my little man, my chest feeling tight. I knew he loved Lilly, but after today, I know how deeply that love runs. The lady who runs the chapel has Lilly standing at the end of the aisle. The music begins, and Ashlyn starts down the aisle, dropping flower petals as she goes. My baby girl looks beautiful in her princess dress. When she makes it to me, her head turns to look over her shoulder, looking back at what she’s done. When her eyes came back to me, her head tilts back in pride, and a smile lights up her face, letting me know she is happy with the results. “Stand where they told you, baby.” I pointed to the spot. Once she is standing there, Lilly starts making her way towards me. The cut of her dress shows off her br**sts, waist, and hips; I can’t wait to get it off her. Lucky for me, a good friend of mine lives in Vegas with his wife and kids. He agreed to watch the kids for the night. Lilly doesn’t know about my plan yet, but there is no way that I’m not going to spend our wedding night without being inside her. The music continues to play as Lilly comes down the aisle. Her hands are in front of her, holding a bouquet of pink flowers that match Ashlyn’s dress. Once she makes it to me, she smiles, then laughs. “This is serious business, baby. Why are you laughing?” I reach out, grabbing her hand and dragging her to me.

“I don’t know. I was just thinking this is nothing like what I pictured when I thought of a Vegas wedding.” I chuckle and pull her even closer so I can whisper to her.

“Should we leave here and find Elvis so he can marry us?”

“No, this is perfect,” she whispers back, her eyes soft as they search mine, the smile on her face telling me everything that I need to know. I thought that I may have been rushing her, and a part of me felt guilty about it, while the other part couldn’t care less, so it’s a relief to see her excitement and happiness.

“You ready to do this?” I ask quietly.


I lean forward to kiss her, but she leans back, away from me. “You can’t kiss me yet.”

“I can’t?”

“Not until after we’re married.” She shakes her head.

“Well then, let’s do this so I can kiss you.” She steps back until she is standing next to Ashlyn, who grabs her hand. The man who is going to marry us takes it as his cue to begin the ceremony. I listened as he speaks, and repeat when necessary, but for the most part, I’m in awe looking at Lilly, wondering how the f**k I got so lucky. I had f**ked up huge in the past with her, and now having her standing across from me, agreeing to be my wife, is something I would never have even considered as a possibility.

“Cash, would you please repeat after me.”

“I have my own vows,” I tell him. Lilly’s eyes widen, then she giggles and shakes her head.

“Sure,” the officiator says.

I clear my throat, feeling nervous all of the sudden. “I vow to love you unconditionally, without hesitation. I will encourage you, trust you, and respect you. As a family, we will create a home filled with learning, laughter, and compassion. I promise to be your biggest fan, your partner in crime, and the person you can always depend on. From the moment we met, you have owned me, and I will love you until I take my last breath. I will work every day to make now into always. With these words, and all the love in my heart, I marry you and bind your life to mine.” I slide an infinity diamond ring up against her wedding ring, bring it to my mouth, and place a kiss on it.

“You’re really good at this,” she whispers. I can’t help but laugh and kiss her forehead.

“Lilly, do you have vows?” the officiator asks.

“Um, no, but can I just make it up?”

“If that’s what you would like.” He smiles.

“Yes, please,” she says, taking hold of my hands. “Today, standing here with our children watching, I choose you, Cash, to be my partner. I am proud to be your wife, and to join my life with yours. I promise to support you, push you, inspire you, and above all, love you, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live.” She is crying harder now, and I can feel tears fill my eyes as she speaks. She shocks me when she pulls her hand away, reaching down the front of her dress where she pulls out a ring. We both start laughing when she mouths the word ‘storage’ to me. Her hand comes back to mine, lifts them, and slides the ring on my finger, her finger running over it before looking back up at me. Then she reaches her hands forward, one going to either side of my face, pulling my head towards hers.

“Hey, no kissing until we’re married,” I tell her, laughing. I look over at the man and he grins, nodding his head.

“By the power invested in me and the great state of Nevada, I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride,” he says. My hand goes into the back of Lilly’s hair; I tilt her face back, and my mouth covers hers, my tongue sweeping in. The sound she makes urges me on. I can’t wait to be inside her. There is nothing better than her thighs wrapped around my hips, her arms around my neck, and her wet heat strangling my cock. I reluctantly pull away from her, kissing her lips one more time. Both kids start yelling and running around in circles.

“We’re married,” she says with a smile.

“We are,” I agree. After our short ceremony, we have a few pictures taken of us and the kids. We’re almost done when Jax yells, “Flex!” at the top of his lungs and takes off running. “Yo, my man!” I yell when I see my buddy Flex walking in holding his wife’s hand, their kids walking near them until they see Jax, then they take off, ready to play.

“Who is that?” Lilly asks. I’m not surprised that she looks nervous. Flex is a scary looking dude. He’s not very tall at 5’8 but he is built like a bulldog, with tattoos and chocolate-colored skin—the total opposite of his very blonde, beach-bunny-looking wife.