Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 49


“Is it an elk?” Cash asks, and I shake my head no. I haven’t seen a wild moose up close for years, and this one is huge; the antlers alone look as big as the truck we’re traveling in.

“Slow down,” I say, trying to breathe.

‘What?” Cash asks, and I can see the moose take notice of us. I know we’re screwed unless we can get the truck turned around.

“Slow down!” I repeat, this time shouting the words. Cash slams the brakes, making the truck skid on the gravel road. The moose, who had been standing in the middle of the road, has now started running towards us. In Alaska, wild moose can be very aggressive, especially the males. “Turn the truck around!” I yell as I watch the moose running at us.

“Holy shit.”

“Turn the truck around now!” I scream, seeing the moose running at full speed. Cash looks at me, then slams the truck in reverse. The truck backs off the road, the tail end hanging off the road, down into the ditch. I look out the side window, seeing that the moose is still coming towards us. He is now a lot closer, his head down, and his large antlers swinging back and forth. “Go, go, go!” I cry, listening to the tires as they try to catch the road, but by the sound, I can tell that all they’re hitting is air.

“Baby, when I say, I need you to throw yourself back against the seat,” Cash says calmly.


“Just do it…on three,” he says, his eyes on me. I nod, then he starts to count. The second he gets to three, I push myself backwards hard against the seat and feel the truck tip back. The tires hit the gravel, and the truck lunges forward. The only problem is now we’re heading right for the moose. “What the hell are you doing?” I scream, my hands going to my face to cover it.

“Shit!” Cash yells. I feel the car jerk to the right, making me slide across my seat, we jerk to the left. And I wait to feel the impact from the moose running into us, but nothing comes. “We’re good, babe,” Cash says, and I remove my hands from my face. “Are you okay?” Cash asks, and I nod as his hand goes to the back of my neck where his fingers move in slow circles. A few minutes later, he pulls the car over, unbuckles my seatbelt, and then pulls me over into his lap. “Are you okay?” His hands and eyes run over my body.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I wrap my arms around his shoulders, burying my face in his neck.

“We’re not moving to Alaska.”

“Agreed,” I say, breathing him in.

“I thought I was afraid of seeing a bear; now I know I should have been afraid to see a damn moose.” He chuckles, and I feel the rumble against my cheek. I don’t know if it’s the near death experience or what, but I want…no, I need him. I feel my clit pulse and my mouth opens up on his neck. My tongue comes out, traveling up his neck to his ear, and I feel him grow hard under me. “Baby, what are you doing?” His voice is rough and goes right to my core, where I feel myself become wetter. His hand at my waist travels up my side so that his thumb is resting under my breast.

“Please, touch me.” I move my mouth to his, where I bite his bottom lip, giving it a hard tug. “Please, touch me,” I beg as I watch his eyes flash. Then his hand is in my hair at the back of my head.

“You want me to touch you?” he asks, pulling my face away from his. I nod and he tugs my hair again.

“Give me the words, Lil.”

“Yes, I want you to touch me,” I say barely above a whisper.

“My girl misses my touch?”

“Yes,” I agree. Since we have been in Alaska, we haven’t had sex. Being in my parents’ house isn’t really conducive. Their walls are like paper, and the kids have ended up in bed with us every night since we got here.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” He pulls my head forward, and I can feel the slight sting of his fist in my hair.

“Anything,” I say; I just need to feel his hands on me.

“Anything?” he asks, looking me over. His hand goes under the seat, and we slide back suddenly. “Don’t forget that you just said anything.” His hands go to my waist, where he turns me so that I’m straddling him. “Wait, take off your pants,” he says, helping me move so I can get my shoes and pants off. Once I get them off, he pulls me back over on top of him. I’m so turned on that the feel of the denim of his jeans rubbing against my inner thighs has me moaning out loud. “Put your hands on the steering wheel behind you.” My hands go behind me automatically, grabbing onto the steering wheel. This position causes my br**sts to thrust out and my back to arch. I watch as Cash’s hand comes up and wraps around my neck before traveling down, and I hear the distinct sound of the zipper of my hoodie being pulled down. Once he has it open, his hands come up, palming my br**sts through the thin tank top I’m wearing. My eyes close and I feel him tug the tank top and my bra down until my br**sts are free. “You have beautiful tits,” he says, pulling on each nipple. “But you know I love your ass,” he says, his hands going to my behind, squeezing and pulling me hard against him. I cry out against the friction. “You’re really wet, baby.” I can hear the hunger in his voice; my eyes open and he is looking down between my thighs. His fingers run over the center of the thin material covering me. My body jerks, and his eyes come up to meet mine. Then I feel his finger move the material aside, the tip of his finger sliding over my clit. “Jesus, baby, what the f**k?” he growls before I’m flying through the air. I land on my back in the seat. I don’t even have time to react before my legs are thrust open, my panties ripped to the side, and Cash’s mouth is devouring me.

“Yes!” I cry, my hands going to his hair, holding him to me. My leg that is on the floorboard of the truck comes up to wrap around his shoulder. “Oh, God, don’t stop.” My head thrashes back and forth against the seat, and the minute I feel two fingers fill me, I come hard and fast. The force of it takes my breath away, and my hands in his hair fist and pull, trying to get him away from me. My eyes open when he stops; his eyes are on me as he wipes his mouth on the inside of my thigh. He sits up on his knees, still between my open legs, his hands go to the button of his jeans, and he unbuttons and unzips them quickly. His hard c**k springs free when he pulls down his boxers, and his hands go back to my thighs, then under. He pulls me up, then leans his big body over me, filling me full in one long stroke.