Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 41


“I’m going to come,” I moan into the mattress. My thighs shaking, Cash brings down his hand yet again.

“Come for me,” he says, spanking me on the opposite side. I feel the first waves of my orgasm begin to crash over me. My eyes close tightly; I feel like my body is catching on fire. My pu**y starts to convulse, pulling Cash deeper. I cry out; his hands reach forward, wrapping around my br**sts, lifting my upper body back so I’m kneeling in front of him. His fingers pinch my ni**les. The feeling pulling me deeper under. My orgasm blinds me. His strokes become faster before his mouth meets my neck. I can feel his groan all the way to my clit as he finds his own release. His c**k is planted deep inside me. His chest moves quickly up and down behind me, his hands still holding onto my br**sts. My hands go to his at my chest, my fingers interlocking with his. I lean my head to the side, my body completely boneless. “I love the hair,” he says, licking my neck.

“I think I got that.” I laugh, and I can feel him smile against the skin of my neck. His hands squeeze my br**sts before traveling down over my ribs, along my sides to my hips, pulling me even closer to him. One hand leaves my hip, following the same path before his hand closes around my neck. I can feel my pu**y still convulsing around him with aftershocks.

“You wanna shower?” I feel his breath against my skin as he speaks the words, making me shiver.

“Yes,” I tell him and groan when his hips pull away and I lose him and his warmth. I fall forward on the bed and laugh when he starts to tickle me.

“Let’s go, baby. We need to get cleaned up. You and I know the kids are not going to magically start sleeping in until ten.”

“God, when was the last time I slept past eight?” I ask out loud, not expecting an answer.

“How about tomorrow you sleep in and I will take the kids to my mom’s?” he asks as his hands run up my calves and over my ass.

“I don’t know,” I sigh; his mom has been amazing, and I don’t want her to feel like I'm trying to pawn the kids off on her.

“Ma loves having the kids over. Plus, I think she wanted to do something with them. There is supposed to be a storyteller at the library in town. I think she wanted to keep the kids overnight. And that would be perfect; I wouldn’t mind taking you out on a date or just having you to myself.”

“I don’t know,” I repeat, even though it would be nice to spend some alone time with Cash.

“It’s done.” He rolls me to my back then scoops me up, carrying me into the bathroom before setting me on my feet outside the shower. “I’ll get up in the morning, take the kids to Ma, and then come back and we can spend the morning in bed before going on a date tomorrow night.”

“I don’t know why you try to make things seem like it’s a question when you know your mind is already made up,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“What, you don’t want to spend some time with just me?” he asks, taking my hand and pulling me into the shower.

“You know it’s not that.”

“You’re just using me for my body, aren’t you?” he asks, and I can’t help but to look over said body and admire every detail. His body is perfect. I watch as the water runs down and over every muscle; his chest has a little bit of hair—just the right amount—and down under his navel is a strip of hair, which makes a path to his perfect cock. “My eyes are up here, baby,” he says, and I watch his c**k twitch. I lick my lips and hear him groan. “You’re not helping, Lil,” he says, pushing me under the water. I sputter and wipe the water out of my face.

“What the hell?” I glare at him.

“You can’t look at me like that. We need to shower and go to bed, and you can’t look at me like that…looking how you do, with your body all wet and slick...fuck,” he growls, his hands sliding along my hips to palm my ass. “Let’s just say that if you look at me like that, neither of us will be getting any sleep tonight.” His hands slide up my back and into my hair, tilting my head back, his mouth coming down on mine, stealing my breath. “Now, tomorrow you can look at me like that all day long.” He smiles, showing off both dimples. “In fact, I plan on doing a lot of looking of my own.” His eyes leave mine, trailing down my body. “But for now,” he says, sounding like he’s in pain, “for now we need to get washed up and go to bed.”

“Okay,” I agree, even though the space between my legs has begun to throb. I look over him again, my eyes catching on his massive erection.

“Lil,” he growls. My eyes come up.

“Okay, okay.” I take a step away from him, and grab my shampoo and start washing my hair quickly. I can hear Cash breathing heavily, but I don’t open my eyes. I’m afraid of what will happen if I look at him. I turn around quickly and grab my conditioner to run it through my hair. Then I grab my body wash, washing up while I let the conditioner sit. Once I’m washed, I start to rinse the conditioner from my hair. My head is back, eyes closed, and without warning, I feel his mouth on my nipple and fingers sliding through my folds. My body is still primed from earlier, and it doesn’t take much before I’m moaning my orgasm into the spray of the showerhead.

“We can’t shower together anymore,” he states, picking me up. My legs wrap around his waist and he slides inside me.

“Yeah, no more showering together,” I agree as I use my legs to grind down on him. By the time we finish our shower, we’re both exhausted, and it doesn’t take long for either of us to fall asleep.


“Hm.” I try not to speak; I don’t want to wake up.

“I’m taking the kids to Ma’s; I’ll be back,” I hear him say, but can’t really process it because I’m still trying to sleep. Then I feel weight hit my forehead and something slide down my cheek.

“Mommy, I'm goin’ to Grandma’s,” Ashlyn says, and I open my eyes to see her up on her elbows looking at me. Her long hair is pulled up in what looks like two lopsided pigtails.

“Okay, baby, have fun. Give me love before you go.” I roll to my side so I can hug her. “Where’s Jax?” I sit up to fix her hair.

“He was eating,” she says, pulling her little head away from me.

“Hey, I want to fix your hair.”

“Daddy fixed my hair,” she says, jumping off the bed, her eyes narrowing.