Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 28


Chapter 6


“Shit.” I run across the kitchen into the living room when I see Spike is making a run for it. I grab him just as he starts to get behind the entertainment stand. “Jax,” I call down the hall towards his room where he and Ashlyn are playing, waiting for breakfast.

“Yeah, Dad?” he yells back, and I shake my head. I really must have worn my woman out if she’s sleeping though this craziness. I smile and feel my dick jump knowing she’s in my bed with only my t-shirt on, my marks all over her body. Damn, I love my kids, but right now, I want them gone. If they were older, I would give them keys to the car and a wad of cash to get them out of the house, I think as I walk down the hall towards the bedroom.

“Hey, when I call you, you come to me; don’t yell. Got it?” I ask as soon as I enter the room and make eye contact with my son.

“Yes, Dad,” he grumbles, looking at Spike in my hands, then over to Spike’s cage that is now hanging open. “Oh, he got out.”

“Yeah, he got out,” I say, handing him the damn ferret. “You need to make sure you lock that up when you’re not playing with him.” I point to the cage.

“Sorry,” he says, looking at me before going over and putting Spike away.

“Daddy, I'm hungry.” Jesus, I love hearing her call me Daddy. I look down at my daughter.

“I'm making breakfast now, beautiful.” I run my hand over her soft hair.

“Okay,” she sighs before picking up her doll, sitting down on the ground, and brushing its hair.

“I’ll call you two when breakfast is ready,” I tell both of them and ruffle Jax’s hair before leaving the room. I was nervous about him taking to Ashlyn and Lilly, but he has been awesome, and there haven’t really been any jealousy issues. I wonder if that’s because of how much Jax has taken to Lil; there are times when he seems unsure, but she is always affectionate with both of the kids. I walk back into the kitchen and finish putting the stuff together for making pancakes…well, I add water to the mix. I’m getting ready to start putting pancakes on the griddle when out of the corner of my eye I see Lilly come around the corner, looking adorably sleepy. Her hair is up on the top of her head, her face rumpled with sleep. She still had my t-shirt on, but I can see she’s put on a pair of sleep shorts underneath. We both just stand staring at each other. All I can think is that I want this every day, and I would kill to have it. I watch fascinated as her hand goes to her neck and her cheeks turn a light pink. I know she has seen the marks I left on her. I couldn’t help it; she makes me crazy, and I want her to always know that she belongs to me. My eyes drop to her mouth, then to her br**sts. I can see the tips of her ni**les through my shirt. When my eyes make it back to hers, the pink of her cheeks have darkened. “Hi,” she says quietly.

“Come here.” I hold out my hand. She looks at it for a second before taking a step towards me.

“Um...where are the kids?” She starts to look around, but before she has a chance to take her eyes off me, I wrap my hand around the back of her neck and pull her closer so her body is fully against mine.

“The kids are playing.” I wrap my other arm around her waist, dragging up the back of my tee so I can run my fingers along her skin. “How are you feeling?” I ask, leaning down to press my mouth to hers.

“O-okay.” Her stuttered word is said against my lips. I smile, pulling her closer, my face going into her neck, and her subtle smell of lavender makes me groan.

“Are you sore?” I ask against her ear before licking her lobe and pulling it between my lips. “Or can you still feel me here?” I run my hand down her back, over her ass and in-between her legs from behind. She gives a soft moan and I lean back so I can see her face when she answers me.

“I’m okay.” I can feel her hand on my arm tighten, and the nails of her other hand sink into the skin of my side. My fingers that are resting between her legs flex, and she comes up on her tiptoes. “The kids,” she says as her mouth comes to mine. I put my mouth on hers, licking her lips, making her open up for me. I love the way she tastes. And I love that she gives just as good as she gets. Her tongue chases mine. I feel a rumble start up my chest, and I know I need to stop this before it gets out of hand and I put her on the counter, spreading her out. I reluctantly pull my mouth away from hers, shoving my face into her neck, trying to get my control back.

“You want coffee?” I ask into her hair, not moving my hands from her neck or her pu**y.

“Yes,” she hisses out, and I know she’s not saying yes to coffee, but to the feel of my hand. I can feel her heat through the thin material of her shorts, and I fight with myself about sliding my hand up the leg of her shorts so I can feel how wet she is.

“Come sit with me while I make breakfast.” I remove my hand from between her legs, moving her so that her back is to the counter where I can easily pick her up, setting her next to the stove. I move around, getting her a cup of coffee before coming back to her. “How did you sleep?” I ask, handing her the cup of coffee and stealing a quick kiss.

“Really well.” She smiles, tilting her head to the side like she’s studying me. “How did you sleep?”

“Better than I have in years. I like knowing that my family is all under one roof. I like waking up to the feel of you tucked in next to me.” I watch her face turn soft, and I can’t help but kiss her again. “Do you feel up to going to look at cars today?” I ask, pouring pancake batter onto the griddle.

“Cash.” The way she says my name is like a full conversation; she doesn’t even have to say anything else, and I already know exactly what she is thinking.

“Okay, that came out wrong,” I say and look over at her. “It sounded like a question, and it wasn’t. We’re going to go look at cars today.”

“I knew it,” I hear her say under her breath, and I chuckle.

“Babe, you’re not driving that piece-of-shit anymore; it’s not safe or reliable.” I pull out a spatula from the drawer and start to flip the pancakes. “Honestly, I’m surprised I lasted this long. I was thinking about slashing your tires; I hate that f**king car.

“Fine, I know I need a new car. I will just use some of my rainy day money for a down payment.”

“Were you not here when we had this conversation before? I know I told you I'm buying you a new car.”