Until Lilly

Author: P Hana

Page 26


“Who watches credits?” I moan when I feel his fingers slide just under the top of my jeans against my stomach.

“No one.” He bites my neck. I then feel his tongue licking the abused skin. My pu**y jumps and wet heat floods my center. My head falls back against his shoulder, my arms going over my head and around his neck. The fingers of one of his hands travels down the front of my jeans, while his other hand comes up to cup my breast under my shirt and over my bra. Goose bumps break out over my skin when I feel the tip of his finger slide between my folds and over my clit.

“Yes,” I whisper, arching back as my eyes close.

“As much as I want to tear open your jeans and make you come, we can’t do anything until the kids are asleep,” he groans, flexing his hips into my ass. I can’t help but pout when he pulls his hand out of my jeans. When I turn around, his eyes look over my face and he smirks. “My poor baby. I left you all swollen and wet.” His words send a shiver down my spine, and my pu**y contracts. “I hope you don’t plan on getting much sleep tonight.” He pulls me against him, and I feel the hardness of his c**k against my stomach. “And I hope you didn’t have anything important to do tomorrow, because there is no guarantee you’re going to be able to walk.” I feel my pulse speed up, and I take a deep breath. “I love that look, baby.” He leans in kissing me.


“Take off your clothes.” I jump and spin around at the sound of Cash’s voice. I’m standing in front of his dresser, grabbing a t-shirt to put on after I get out of the shower I am about to take. I had left him a few minutes ago when he was going to “shut down the house” as he put it, and check on the kids one last time before coming to bed. I was nervous. I wanted Cash in the worst way, but I still had no experience except for him that one time, and my LELO, which I used to get myself off.

“Wh-what?” I stutter out. The look in his eyes is so primal that I start to take a step back.

“Lil, I’m not f**king around.” He runs a hand through his hair, making it look messier. “Lose the clothes.”

“Um…” I start to say that I was going to shower, but before I know it, he’s in front of me, his hands ripping my shirt off over my head. I'm caught off guard, but also turned on by how badly he wants me.

“I’m sorry, baby, but this is going to be fast. It’s been too long, and I want you too much.” His teeth sink into my neck, and I notice he does that a lot, almost like he’s marking me. His hands are at the button of my jeans, and then I can hear my zipper sliding down. My hands go under his shirt, running along the smooth hot skin of his back. I pull it up, his hands leaving me long enough to put his arms up over his head, pulling his shirt off. My hands automatically wander to his abs, feeling the ridges and valleys under my palms. His body is like a living work of art. “Baby,” he growls, “you have to stop touching me or this is going to end before I even have a chance to make you come or slide inside of you.” His mouth slams down onto mine as he starts walking me backwards. My hands go to his hair. God, I love his hair. I feel the back of my knees hit the edge of his bed. I feel my jeans tugged down over my hips. Then his mouth leaves mine as he pushes me gently so that I fall onto the bed behind me. He pulls my jeans the rest of the way off. His hands go to my knees, spreading my legs wide. They then slide up my inner thighs where I can feel his thumbs on the outer-edge of my panties. I come up on my elbows so I can see what he’s doing. His eyes meet mine before his face lowers and he runs his nose up the center of the lace that is covering me.

“Cash.” I can hear the uncertainty in my own voice.

“What, baby?” His mouth is hovering over me.

“I…I...” I try to close my thighs. His hands tighten on my legs. I can feel his fingers imprinting into my skin.

“Don’t.” He turns his head, and I can feel his mouth open over the skin of my inner thigh and suck deeply.

“Oh.” I fall back, covering my face. I can feel my pu**y contract as his hand on my other thigh travels up and under the edge of the lace, his thumb sliding over my clit, then inside.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last,” he says again, taking his mouth away from my thigh. He stands, pulling off his jeans. His hands go to the bed on each side of me. “I’ll make it good for you next time, baby,” he says, pulling me up so I’m in the center of the bed. He rips the delicate lace away from my body, tossing it across the room. Then his mouth is on one of my ni**les, then the other. His fingers slide down my belly, and I feel one enter me and pull up, then out, and suddenly two are filling me. My head starts to thrash back and forth. “I can’t do this,” he grits out. My eyes fly open when he lifts one of my legs up and over him, turning my body so that he is sitting between my legs. I look down and see his very large erection and his fist wrapped around it.

“Condom,” I say, and he holds one out and smiles before ripping open the gold package with his teeth. His other hand is slowly stroking up and down his c**k while his eyes are looking between my legs. His eyes come to mine before dropping to his cock, holding the tip of the rubber before sliding it down over his length.

“I can’t wait,” he growls as he leans forward, filling me in one stroke.

“Oh, God!” I cry, my back arching and my nails digging into his biceps.

“Shit. I’m sorry, baby.” He stills, his hands going to my face as he leans in and kisses me gently.

“Don’t stop,” I moan, wrapping my legs around him. I’m not in pain; I just feel full and stretched. My nails scrape down his back when he pulls out.

“Jesus, you’re so f**king tight.” He leans forward, my mouth meeting his as I dig my nails into his scalp when he pulls out and slides back in quickly.

“Yessss,” I hiss. My fingers go between our bodies and slide over my clit, making my hips surge up.

“Fuck yeah, touch yourself.” He sits back on his calves, pulling my knees up as his eyes smolder, watching our connection and what my fingers are doing. I can feel heat pool in my belly, and I know that I’m going to come.

“Please, harder,” I moan and feel him slam against me. I can feel that heat in my belly start to turn into a delicious weight.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says, his voice strained. My eyes open to look at him. His head goes back, his jaw tight, eyes closed, and I can tell he’s trying to hold off until I come. “I need you to come, baby,” he says, and his eyes open as he leans forward, pulling one nipple into his mouth before biting down on it. And that’s all I needed to send me over. My legs tighten, my hips raise, and that heat and weight turn into a tingle. Then I shatter, seeing a million colors dance behind my closed eyelids. I moan out his name, shoving my face into his neck.