Until July

Author: P Hana

Page 58


“Where’s James?” I ask, seeing our son isn’t with him.

“He’s with your mom. When did you find out?”

“This morning. I took a test, one of the leftovers that had been collecting dust. I didn’t think it would be positive, and when it said I was pregnant, I wanted to know for sure before telling you,” I say, hoping he understands. I hated seeing the disappointment in his eyes every time I took a test. I hated that no matter what I did we weren’t getting pregnant, and no doctor could answer why. Why couldn’t we have a baby?

“You know how I feel about that kind of shit,” he says, and I do know how he feels about me keeping things from him, but if it’s tell him and have him hurt, or save him that, I would do it all over again.

“Sorry.” I get down from the table, curling myself around him on his lap.

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant.” His hand lies gently over my stomach, and tears form in my eyes and a sob climbs up my throat. I have wanted this moment forever, and to finally have it makes it that much more memorable.

“You guys ready?” Dr. Marks asks, coming back into the room.

“Sure.” I nod and do as he instructs, getting back up on the table. He squirts the liquid on my belly then moves it around with the wand in his hand. Before I even know it, the sound of a heartbeat fills the room, and my eyes fill with more tears.

“Jesus,” Wes whispers.

“You’re about nine weeks along,” the doctor says, and I absently find Wes’ hand with mine and hold on tight. James is going to be a big brother. I can’t believe it.

“I’ll print you guys some pictures to show off to everyone, and when you go out front, just tell them you need to make your next appointment. I’ll leave a prescription up front for prenatal vitamins,” he says, wiping off my belly before leaving the room. I sit up, stunned, and look at Wes, who’s looking down at the pictures in his hand. When his eyes come to me, the love I see there tells me everything I need to know.



One year later

I walk into our bedroom and my eyes fall on July, who has both our boys tucked close to her waist. Her eyes open slowly, and the smile that lights her face makes me feel like I’m the king of the world.

“We fell asleep.” She smiles, and I smile back then kiss her neck before running my hand over James and Dean’s heads.

“Your mom and dad are coming to pick up the boys,” I tell her, waiting for her reaction. I love my boys, but I miss being inside my wife without interruption, and I plan on fixing that tonight.

“Why are they picking up the boys?”

“Because I’m tired of being cock-blocked by my kids,” I tell her, and she giggles. Shit, just this morning I was going down on her, and she came hard and loud, but before I could lift up and enter her, the boys woke up, leaving me to take care of myself in the shower.

“I’ve never been away from them for more than a few hours,” she says, and my face goes soft then I remind myself of my mission, and my dick throbs, reminding me what it’s missing, so I steel myself against saying, ‘We can do it another time,’ and tell her instead, “I know, baby, me either, but we need this. My dick needs this.”

“I’m sorry.” She searches my face then lifts up, giving me a shot of her cleavage, which causes my dick to press harder against my zipper. When her mouth touches mine, I pull her head to the side with my hand at her nape and take over until she whimpers when I pull away.

“Let me get their bags ready,” she breathes, making me laugh.

“Already done.”

“Sure of yourself, aren’t you, Mr. Silver?” She raises a brow, and I flick one of her nipples through the thin material of her summer dress.


“Da.” I look down at James, and he rolls over then crawls to me.

“Hey, little man,” I say, picking him up and kissing his head as he babbles on about something, then turn just in time for Dean to reach his little arms up at me. Unless you know us, you would think my boys are twins. They both have dark hair and blue eyes. James is just bigger.

“You guys are going to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma. How does that sound?” July coos, taking James from my grasp as he reaches out for her.

We walk out into the living room, and July smiles over her shoulder when she sees I wasn’t lying. Both of the boys’ bags are sitting by the front door, ready to go. “Thanks, mom,” July tells November as she walks out of the house, carrying both diaper bags. Asher just exited moments before carrying both boys. James was more than excited to spend some time with their pop, while Dean grinned up at him toothlessly from his car seat.

“They will be fine, and we’re just down the road,” November says over her shoulder then mutters something under her breath. As soon as I see they have all gotten into their car, I shut the door after pulling July inside, pressing her back into the wood then lifting her up with my hands under her ass. As soon as her legs wrap around me, I groan, feeling the heat coming off her pussy.

“Unhook my belt, baby,” I growl, bunching up the material of her dress and ripping it off over her head. Then I do the same with my shirt, using the door and my hips as leverage to keep her up.

She bites her lip as I strip my shirt off, and then her nails scrape down my abs before working my belt. She groans and her head falls back with a thunk as I pull down the cups of her bra then lower my mouth, pulling her nipple in with a deep tug.

“Wes,” she moans, and I get down my jeans, just releasing my cock, pull her panties to the side, and impale her. “Oh, God, you’re so deep,” she whimpers, and I fuck her hard, watching as I enter her, then my gaze travels up, watching the way her tits bounce with each thrust.

“Whose pussy is this, baby?” I ask, wrapping a hand in the back of her hair, twisting my fingers until her half-mast eyes meet mine. “Whose is it?” I growl on an outward slide.

“Yours,” she breathes, wrapping her legs tighter around me.

“That’s right, baby, and tonight, I’m going to fucking imprint my dick in your pussy,” I tell her, slamming back in, making the door bang loud throughout the quiet house.

“Please!” she screams as her orgasm pulls at my cock, sucking it deeper until I come so hard I’m not even able to hold us up. My legs start to give out, so I carry her to the couch, sitting down with her in my arms, my cock still deep inside her.