Until July

Author: P Hana

Page 43


“I don’t think so.”

“Bummer,” December mutters.

“One more shot,” June murmurs.

“Dad, Uncle Trevor, and Jax are outside,” April tells everyone, taking the shot glass December hands her.

“To a sisterhood that is more than just blood,” Willow says, holding up her shot glass, and we all clink our drinks together then shoot the shots back. I can’t wait until all of my girls are home; I miss this.

When we stumble out of the bar, I see Wes getting down from his SUV and a frown forms on my mouth.

“Where’s your bike?” I pout, and his eyes sweep over me and his jaw goes hard.

“Where’s the rest of your dress?” he asks.

“That’s what I asked,” my dad mumbles while opening the door to my mom’s SUV for my sisters.

“You’re supposed to say how beautiful I look,” I tell him, putting my hands on my hips.

“Oh, you look beautiful, baby, too beautiful to be in a bar without your man.”

“Oh, my God,” I hear and look over at Harmony, and when her head turns, our eyes meet and she mutters, “What? That was hot.” She shrugs, and Wes wraps his arm around my waist and leads me to his SUV.

“Where’s your bike?” I ask again.

“Baby, you’re not riding on the back of my bike sloshed,” he says as I stumble, and he pulls me back into his body just before I hit the pavement.

“Thanks,” I murmur while admitting to myself that it’s probably best he didn’t ride his bike.

“Come on. I’m taking you guys home,” Jax says gathering Willow, Harmony, Nalia, and Ashlyn.

“Hey, Dad,” Hanna says, stumbling over to Uncle Trevor, who is frowning at her. “Oh, turn that frown upside down. At least there are no boys here,” she tells him, and he just shakes his head and looks at my dad, who shuts the door, cutting off the sound of my giggling sisters.

“Was one boy too much to ask for?” my dad asks.

“Aww, Dad, I’ll give you a grandson,” I say then cover my mouth and look at Wes, who has a funny look on his face, and then to my dad, who just shakes his head.

“Love you,” Dad says, coming over and giving me a hug.

“Love you too.” I hug him back then let Wes lift me up into his SUV.

“You gonna be around tomorrow?” Wes asks my dad, and even in my drunken state, I can see something flash in my dad’s eyes as he nods. Wes slams my door and says something else before walking around and getting behind the wheel.

“What was that?” I ask Wes, watching Dad get into his car and take off.

“Nothing, baby,” Wes says, pulling my seatbelt across my lap before putting his on and pulling out after Jax. “What do you got on under that dress baby?” he asks, and my breath hitches as his fingers skim up my thigh.

“Nothing,” I breathe, and his finger pauses.

“Pardon?” he asks, but there is a hint of anger in his tone. “Let me see how you left the house with my goods.” I start panting and slowly shimmy the tight bottom of the dress up and over my hips. “You’re lucky, baby.” His finger slides up my core, over the sheer material of my panties, making me gasp. “Pull that skirt back down,” he says, and I hold my breath a moment then pull it back down over my hips as his hand slides back and forth over my thigh in soft, smooth strokes, not giving me anything, while at the same time, letting me know he’s with me.

When we pull up to the house, he clicks the button for the garage and I’m reminded my Jeep is at my parents. He pulls in and parks then shuts the door to the garage, leaving only a small bit of light available to see with. My pulse spikes higher as he gets out without saying anything and comes around, opening my door and unhooking my belt, turning me with my feet out the door.

Without warning, his hand fists in the top of my dress, tugging it down, causing my breasts to spring free. His head lowers and he pulls one nipple into his mouth, while pulling, pinching, and tugging on the other one with two fingers. My head falls back and my legs try to wrap around his hips, while my hands grab onto his shoulders as he moves to cup the other breast, licking around the nipple before biting down on it.

“Wes,” I moan, and his hands move to the back of my knees as he pulls me roughly towards him, shoving my dress up over my hips.

“Fuck, baby, your smell makes my mouth water, knowing when I bite into you, you’re gonna gush into my mouth,” he says, taking my mouth in an aggressive kiss.

Then his fingers slide up my center again, making my hips jerk forward. “Hmmm,” leaves his mouth as his mouth leaves mine. He pushes me back gently with a hand on my chest then lifts my foot, placing it on the open door while placing a hand on the inner thigh of my other leg, spreading me out for him. He pulls up on the top of my panties causing the material to slide between the lips of my pussy and a moan to leave my mouth. My nails dig into his scalp as his mouth lowers and he pulls my clit into his mouth, sliding my panties to the side, and slips first one finger, then two inside me, lifting up, causing a deep burn to build inside me then ignite as he lifts my leg to his shoulder and sucks my clit, flicking it with his tongue.

His name leaves my mouth on a loud cry and my body lights up, every cell of my body buzzing. As I come back to myself, I feel Wes enter me. My arms go around his shoulders and my legs around his hips as he pulls me from his car with his hands on my ass then presses me into the cold metal of his truck.

“I like the idea of you having my son,” he tells me, causing the walls of my vagina to contract around him. “Seems you like it too, baby.” He smiles, lifting me higher with his hands around my thighs. My heels dig into his ass and my nails grasp into his tee-covered back.

“I’m going to come,” I moan then clamp down on his shoulder with my teeth, coming hard.

“Fuck!” he roars, pulling me down hard on him, making the orgasm already flowing through me reignite as I feel him get bigger as warmth floods my insides. His hips still and my mouth releases his skin as he gathers me close to his chest.

“Love you,” I mumble, wrapping myself tighter around him, and he gathers me impossibly closer, carrying me through the house and setting me on the bed. He pulls my dress off, along with my bra and panties, and then goes to the bathroom, coming back a few minutes later with a makeup wipe. He gently takes of my makeup then lays me down, unstrapping my shoes.

“You wanna shirt, or you wanna sleep like that?”