Until July

Author: P Hana

Page 39


“This is Stacy, Landon’s sister the kid that dropped the dogs to you. Tonight, I was going to go help him by getting her away from the slimeballs that have been keeping her and Mellissa” he says, and my eyes fly up to meet his and my chest starts to heave with anxiety. “Baby, I love you. I love that you’re crazy, I love that you’re fucking wild and untamable, but if I say or do something, it’s for a reason. I—”

“We have to go get her,” I say, cutting him off as tears cloud my vision. “We need to go help them.” I stand up, but he pushes me back down onto the couch.

“Your uncle was able to get all the girls out before they moved them again.”

“Oh, God,” I sob, covering my face in relief.

“No more bullshit, baby. No more crazy antics. No more doing shit, just ’cause you feel like causing me headaches.”

“No more,” I agree, leaving out the part that this was all my crazy best friend’s fault. The idea of those women being stuck in that situation will haunt me for a long time. I knew there were evil people in the world, but what was happening to them is sickening.

“I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do with you.”

“I don’t know, either,” I breathe, crawling into his lap where he holds me until I stop crying.

“Go on to bed. I need to make a few calls,” he orders on a squeeze.

I place a kiss on the underside of his jaw then head to the room, where I strip down quickly before getting into bed. I lay there for a long time thinking about what Wes said. The kid that was bringing me the dogs name is Landon and he had a sister, obviously the people that had her were using her as leverage over him and probably his dad. I couldn’t imagine what they have been going through, what she was going through. Then I thought about the fact that Wes was helping rescue them and that brought more questions then I couldn’t think any more because I fell asleep.

“Wes?” I question as I’m flipped to my stomach and long fingers run over my clit.

“Up on your knees, baby.” The sound of his voice causes a shiver to run down my spine as he wraps his arm around my stomach and lifts me up on my hands and knees.

“Please,” I beg, grabbing onto the sheets in front of me while pressing back into his hand.

“You’ll get what I give you. Get your shirt off.”

I whimper in distress and feel myself soaking his hand as his fingers bring me closer to the edge while I struggle with my sleep shirt until I’m able to slide it off over my head.

“The idea of someone taking this from me makes me fucking furious,” he growls, removing his fingers, lining up his cock, and then slamming deep while simultaneously smacking one cheek of my ass hard. My head lowers to the bed and I whimper, feeling myself tightening around him.

“I would kill for you, fucking die for you,” he snarls, smacking the other cheek even harder than the first one, and a ball starts to coil in my lower stomach. “You belong to me. You are not allowed to risk what is mine.” He pulls me up with an arm under my breasts. “Whose pussy is this?” he asks while holding his hips still, impaling me on his cock.

My breath hitches as my body tries to adjust to his length and girth.

“Who does this body…” His hands slide up my sides, over my stomach, then up, cupping my breasts where he tugs hard on my nipples, making my back arch and causing him to slide impossibly deeper, “…belong to?”


“I’ll give you what you want, but tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” I hiss.

“Yeah, baby, this body and this pussy are mine, and if you jeopardize my goods, you will be punished.” He pushes me back down in front of him and smacks my ass hard, over and over, in rapid succession, each smack bringing me closer to orgasm. Then he pulls me back up and I turn my head just in time for his tongue to slide into my mouth as his hand slides down my stomach and over my clit, where he circles.

“I’m going to come,” I say on a hitched breath.

“Give it to me, baby.” He kisses down my neck, working slowly in and out of me as his hands slide over my body, like he’s memorizing each exposed inch of flesh.

“Jesus, I love you,” he says like he’s talking to himself. “Come for me,” he demands, rotating his hips on each upward thrust. His hands wrap around my hips and I slide my fingers between my legs, first feeling our connection then rolling one over my clit in fast circles.

My orgasm hits quickly; the top half of my body drops to the bed, Wes being the only thing keeping me up as he takes three more strokes before planting himself deep. My breath pauses and the walls of my core tighten around him. He stays rooted like that for long moments until he rolls us to the side, him still deep inside me.

Moving the hair off my neck, he kisses the skin behind my ear and wraps his arms tighter around me. There is no place I would rather be than with him just like this, sweaty and breathing hard from amazing sex while being safe in his arms.

“Love you, baby.” He slides out of me rolls me to my back, kisses down my stomach, and then climbs out of bed. I listen absently as the water comes on in the bathroom. Seconds later, he comes back, sliding a warm cloth between my legs, then dries me off before coming to lay half-on me again. His thigh lays over both of mine, his arm is under my breasts, and his lips rest close to my ear, where I listen to his breath even out, and I let my body do the same, so I can follow him off to sleep.

Chapter 13

I pull off my shirt and put my phone back to my ear. Then I reach behind my back with one hand and unhook my bra.

“Babe,” Wes answers on the second ring, and a smile forms on my lips.

“Hey,” I mutter, letting the sound of his voice wash over me.

“You good?”

“Um, yeah, my sisters and cousins want to go out tonight,” I tell him, holding the phone to my ear as I start up the shower.

“Where are you going?”

“We’ll probably get dinner then go have a drink at Daniel’s bar,” I tell him, slipping off my panties.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and Wes and I celebrated with his mom in the afternoon and my family that evening. I was so happy to see my family all welcome Wes with open arms. My mom and aunts adored him, or they just liked looking at him—I couldn’t quite figure out that one yet—and my uncles all seemed to respect him, especially after the way Uncle Nico spoke about him in regards to what Wes and the guys did to help him get those girls out of the situation they were in. I never expected them to all get along, but I was very happy they did.