Reaper's Stand

Author: P Hana

Page 52


Reese groaned again, shifting his hips as his hands clutched my hair. He tugged at my head and I knew what he wanted.

Not yet. I wasn’t done playing.

I sucked and nipped my way down the shaft, letting my teeth brush him just enough to let him know they were on the job, so he’d better behave. I’d always loved giving head. I don’t know why … Maybe the power of it, the way a man will do almost anything if you offer to touch his dick with your mouth? I found his balls and reached up to catch them in my hand, squeezing them gently before sucking one into my mouth.

Oh, he definitely liked that.

I pulled my head away and looked up at him through my lashes, letting my tongue slide along my lower lip.

“You ready for it?”

He nodded, something close to desperation in his eyes. His thigh muscles were rock hard under my hands, and while he might look relaxed against the tree, I knew that was a lie. If I pulled away right now, he’d probably stroke out. Fortunately, I’m a benevolent kind of woman, so I opened my mouth wide and sucked in his cockhead like a Popsicle.

Bobbing up and down, I took him a little deeper each time. He hands came up to clutch my head, fingers tightening in my hair with restrained power. He could force me if he wanted to. Just shove me down over his erection, slamming it into my throat.

The hint of danger turned me on and I felt myself getting wet again between the legs.

By the fourth or fifth stroke I’d gone as deep as I could without gagging, which thankfully seemed to be plenty good for him. He grunted and groaned as I sucked him hard, bringing my hands up to catch and squeeze the lower part of his shaft with every stroke of my mouth.

Then he started swelling in my mouth, and I realized he must be getting close. His length twitched and he gave me a little tap on the side of the head, a warning to pull away. A real gentleman. But I wasn’t feeling ladylike, not at all. I sucked him down harder, and when his shaft throbbed and he started spurting I swallowed hard as he groaned and shuddered.

Finally I pulled away, catching the edge of his shirt to wipe my mouth. My lips felt sore, almost bruised, and when I spoke my voice rasped.

“I’m not an experienced club whore, but I hope that was okay with you?”

He stared down at me, blinking, then gave me that sexy smile of his again.

“Fuckin’ amateurs compared to you, babe. You got a real talent for that,” he muttered. “Shit, how long since you had sex again? Six years? That include givin’ head?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Six long years,” I said. “But I think my dry spell is over. I want to brush my teeth, though. You got a toothbrush around here? Or is that too much to ask?”

He laughed, then dragged me up his body, holding me close.

“If we don’t, I’ll send a prospect to the store to buy you one,” he muttered. “Fuck, babe. You can have whatever you want.”

I squeezed him tight, because I already had what I wanted.




Unfortunately, fantasies are for children and I was a grown woman. I should’ve known it wouldn’t last.


I lay in the darkness on my office couch, eyes closed, mind drifting.

London was passed out on top of me, her soft curves molding against me. She gave a tiny, ladylike snore. Adorable. I let my hand slide down to her ass, cupping it as I considered all I had to get done in the next twelve hours.

Big meeting today. Big decisions, and I had a feeling that within the next couple of weeks we’d start to see the bodies pile up. There’d been more drama in the south, more cartel bullshit. My daughter’s old man was in it up to his ass.

I had mixed feelings about that situation.

On the one hand, I wanted Hunter dead for all he’d done to Em, not least of which was stealing her from me and knocking her up. On the other, the last thing I needed was some cartel fuckwad pulling the trigger on him. If anyone put that bastard in the ground, it would be me.

Yeah, right.

Like I’d do that to my little girl. Or her baby. Shit. Couldn’t quite wrap my head around that—my little girl was gonna be a mom. She didn’t seem old enough, although I’d been several years younger than she was right now when I planted Emmy in Heather.

God help Hunter if he treated her wrong. He’d be on his knees praying for death before I ended him.

London stirred against me, the perfect distraction. Couldn’t wrap my head around her, either. I still couldn’t believe how much fun she was. Her house exploding had turned into something of a bonus, at least in terms of keeping her in my bed. Not like I was happy about her losin’ everything, but I was more than willing to take advantage of it, given the opportunity.

She’d talked to her insurance agent Thursday, mentioned moving out into an apartment. Wasn’t gonna happen—at least not any time soon. I liked her way too much. Sure, having Mellie around was a pain in the ass, but kids always were. She’d move out by the end of summer anyway. Planned to start college, and I knew she’d signed up for housing. All good there.

Now my brothers? They weren’t too sure about me and London. They liked her plenty, but they also knew I was a player and they didn’t want me fucking up the cleaning contracts.

Fuck ’em. What’s the point of being president if you can’t pull rank every once in a while?

Someone knocked at the door and I glanced at the clock. Almost nine in the morning, though you’d never know it seein’ as the office didn’t have a window.

“You in there, prez?” Bolt asked.

“Yeah,” I said, keeping my voice low. London stirred, then slumped back down into sleep.

“Girls got breakfast going,” he said. “Shade says he wants to start church before ten. We got a lot to get through.”

“’Kay,” I muttered. I shook London, who grumbled and muttered at me to go away. Biting back a smile, I rolled her to the side, sliding her off my body and down into the fabric of the couch. Her butt stuck up in the air and her hair covered her face. She gave another little snore.

I stood and stretched, reaching for the little light on my desk. I found it and flicked it on, sending a soft green glow through the room from the banker’s shade covering the bulb.

You have fun last night? Heather asked.

I glared at her picture on the file cabinet.

Yeah. You got a problem with that?

She laughed, and I imagined her shaking her head.

I told you to be happy, baby, she seemed to whisper. I like this one. She makes you smile and she pitches in. The girls like her. I know you don’t want another old lady, but maybe you need to pull your head out of your ass.