Reaper's Stand

Author: P Hana

Page 35


“Yeah, I’m a real piece of work—a single man fucking a willing partner in the privacy of my own home. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, I’m so ashamed of my actions.”

“Are you saying the timing was a total coincidence?” she demanded.

I laughed.

“You’re the one who showed up early,” I reminded her. “But yeah, I’ll give you that. I’d already decided to keep Sharon around all afternoon, make a point of her bein’ here. Didn’t plan to screw her in front of you, but I wasn’t disappointed when you walked in and saw it, either. I was fucking pissed off, London. I was there for you when you needed it, I took care of you, and then you called me another man’s name. One of my least favorite men, for the record.”

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, then closed.

“You’re a jerk.”

“No, I’m an asshole. You wanna fight like a grown-up, start using grown-up words.”

“Fuck off,” she hissed, and I swear her hair started levitating a little like Medusa. Okay, so it might’ve just been how she shook her head, but either way it was hotter than hell. The fighting had been fun, but we’d wasted enough time. Time to get inside that tight cunt of hers, check out whether it felt as good wrapped around me as my imagination suggested.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her off the chair, hoisting her horizontally against my side as I started toward the bedroom.

“What are you doing?”

“Enough foreplay. Time to get down to business, babe.”

“I’m not your babe. Put me down!”

“Not gonna happen.”

She started kicking, which would’ve been a lot more effective if her legs could’ve reached any part of my body from that position. Not my first rodeo. Then she slapped at me, prying at my arm around her waist.

“Careful, don’t want me to drop you.”

“God! How can you be doing this? It’s not fair—you’re too strong for me. I hate you!”

I decided how I could be doing this was fucking obvious, so it didn’t need answering. Good thing, too, because she dug her fingernails into my arm so hard I think she drew blood.

“Stop playin’ around, London.” We passed through the kitchen. My bedroom door was open. I kicked it shut behind us, then reached around to lock it because I’d be damned if I’d put up with any interruptions at this point.

Then I tossed her on the bed.

London scuttled back like a crab, bracing herself against the headboard with wide eyes.

“What’s wrong with you?” she demanded breathlessly.

“I’m horny,” I said, my voice matter-of-fact. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off my boots. I grabbed my T-shirt and drew it up and over my head, tossing it over to land on top of my dresser. Then I stood and went for my pants.

London squeaked again.

“Door’s right there,” I said. “Locks from the inside, so not like you’re trapped here. If you want to leave, go. Otherwise take your clothes off.”

I stood and shoved down my pants, cock springing free to smack against my stomach. She gasped and I smiled, because I knew the view was generally considered a good one.

“Clothes?” I reminded her.

She sat up, then sort of pulled her dignity around her like a heavy cape, as if that could protect her.

It couldn’t.

“Let’s talk about this,” she said quietly. “We should set some rules, figure out where we’re going.”

“We’re going to fuck. Then I think we’ll probably do it again. After that I’ll buy you dinner, but only if you’re nice.”

“I brought dinner with me,” she muttered.

“Christ, you’d be perfect if you didn’t have such a stick up your ass.”

I crawled forward on the bed, grabbing her ankles and jerking them down abruptly. She squawked, but she didn’t fight when I caught her hands and pressed them back into the bed, over her head. Then I lowered my mouth to catch hers—had to see if she actually tasted as good as I remembered.

She did.

I thrust my tongue in deep, closing my eyes as I savored finally getting inside her body. At first she lay passive. Then her tongue started playing with mine, a game of chase and follow I could’ve kept up for hours if my dick wasn’t on fire. Kneeing her legs apart, I settled down between them, realizing the hard way I was in serious danger of denim burn on my cock.

I pulled back and smiled down at her. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes were bright, and that shiny red hair of hers lay across the pillow like a lava flow.

“I like that color on you,” I said, shifting to the side so I could slide my hand down to her stomach. The button of her jeans opened easily enough, and her hips surged upward to meet my fingers as they found her clit.

Wet as hell. Beautiful.

“Thanks,” she muttered. “I didn’t think you’d noticed. You didn’t say anything the other day.”

“Oh, I noticed.”

“Holy crap, that feels good …” she whispered.

“I do my best.”

Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as her breathing increased. I slid my fingers up and down, dipping into her pussy and then pressing in and upward as my thumb kept the action going outside. Finally I pulled back and she whimpered, protesting.

To hell with this slow shit.

“You’re wearing too much,” I said. “Take something off, because otherwise I’m going to start ripping things.”


Take something off, because otherwise I’m going to start ripping things.

I nearly had a heart attack.

Reese would let me walk out the door if I asked. I knew he would … But if I walked out, I might never come back, and in the past five minutes I’d come to the clear realization that I wanted to come here in every sense of the word.

He shoved up my shirt, exposing the red satin bra I’d decided to wear while cleaning his house for no particular reason I cared to acknowledge. Reese’s mouth caught my nipple and I forgot all about taking things off.

This was unfortunate. He hadn’t been kidding about the clothes.

Apparently sucking me through the fabric wasn’t good enough, because seconds later he caught the center fastener of my bra and snapped it in half. My breasts spilled free and then I felt the heat of his mouth pulling me back in, deep. His fingers burrowed down into my shorts, finding my clit and rubbing it hard enough that it should’ve hurt. Instead it just felt really, really good.