Author: P Hana

Page 53


“Makamae,” I hear whispered as I feel a finger run down my cheek.

I cuddle closer to the scent and warmth, not wanting to wake up if this is a dream.

“Wake up.” This time, the voice is close to my ear, which causes goose bumps to break out along my skin.

“Kai?” I whisper, not wanting to open my eyes.


I feel fingers run up my thigh and a large hand curve around my ass. My eyes fly open, and a hand covers my mouth as I start to scream.

“Shh. It’s okay. I’m here, but I need you to be quiet.”

I nod, and he moves his hand away from my mouth. I look at him with just the help of the moonlight.

“Am I dreaming?” I whisper.

He shakes his head, and then I see that he has a few scratches on his face.

“Oh my God, you’re hurt.” I go to sit up and turn on the light, but he pins me to the bed.

“I’m fine. Just a few scratches.”

“What’s going on?” I ask him when I notice that he’s acting strange.

“No one can know I’m alive, Myla. Not yet,” he whispers, and I feel pain slice through my chest.

“What? Why?”

“I have the perfect opportunity to make a move. Everyone who was involved in what happened yesterday believes I’m dead. They won’t be expecting me.”

“Your mom and family?” I whisper as tears begin to fill my eyes again.

“I know this is going to be difficult for you to do, but I need your help,” he says softly.

I know he wouldn’t ask me to do this if he didn’t have to, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to lie to people who I know are completely heartbroken over the fact that they think their son, brother, and friend is dead.

“I had to see you before I left, but you can’t tell anyone, makamae. Not yet,” he whispers.

I know that this is him talking to me. This is him being honest. This is the thing I have needed from him all along, so now, I have to prove I can handle it.

“I won’t tell anyone.” I press a kiss to his chest, and the warm feel of his skin against my lips causes a sensation I thought I would never feel again.

His hand travels down over the curve of my ass, and he pulls me closer to him, so close that I can feel his erection against my belly.

“Kai,” I hiss.

He rolls me onto my back. His hips settle between my thighs, and his arms go onto the bed on either side of me, making sure to keep his weight off my belly.

“I love you,” he whispers fiercely, right before his mouth crashes down on mine and his taste explodes on my tongue.

I lift my hands and run my fingers through his hair as I kiss him back with everything I have, so grateful that I’m able to have this with him, that he’s here with me now. He pulls his mouth from mine and kisses down my jaw and neck before pulling back enough to get the buttons of his shirt undone.

As soon as I’m exposed to him, his head drops down and his tongue licks my nipple before he pulls it into his mouth, sucking hard then doing the same to the other one. My body begins to wither under him as I fight hard not to scream out his name. He slowly licks down my body. Every inch of skin he touches feels like it’s directly linked to my core. When he licks across the top of my pubic bone, I bite my lip so hard that I taste blood in my mouth.

“You smell so good, makamae. Sweet, like pineapple,” he groans. Then his fingers hold the lips of my pussy open and his tongue begins flicking and licking my clit before he pulls it between his lips.

My hips begin to grind as I hiss out, “Please.”

“Please what?” he asks. Then one finger slowly circles around my entrance while his tongue continues to torment me.

“I need more,” I plead, looking down my body at him.

His eyes meet mine, and he enters me with two fingers, only to pull them out seconds later.

“Don’t stop!” I cry. I know I’m going to come the minute his fingers touch that place inside me he seems to be the master of finding.

His mouth latches on to my clit, and his finger at my entrance dips in then out, the sensation causing a slow burn to begin.

“So close,” he says.

I nod. Or I think I nod; everything seems blurry. Then I explode as his teeth graze my clit and his fingers fill me, both of them working in sync to pull me over the edge, and at the last second, I cover my mouth with my hand, muffling the scream that rips from my chest.

I feel lightheaded, and it takes a moment to come back to myself, but when I do, Kai is undressed and his hips are between mine. The moment our eyes lock, he presses inside me, filling me with one long stroke. My legs lift and wrap around his waist, and my hands travel up his back. I watch as his eyes get darker right before his head drops and he kisses me again, his tongue wrapping around mine as his hips rotate, the angle changing deep inside me on each stroke.

I moan into his mouth and press the heels of my feet into his back, lifting my hips up to meet him on each thrust. His pace picks up, and his mouth leaves mine so that he can lick down my neck, and then he bends and pulls one nipple into his mouth, making me turn my head and bite into the pillow to avoid screaming. I dig my nails into his back and use my leverage to fuck him, taking him all the way to the hilt each time, every stroke hitting that spot deep inside me that causes me to see stars.

“I’m going to come,” I gasp.

“Let me feel it. Let me feel you milk me,” he groans, and I lift my head and bite into his shoulder as my orgasm erupts through me.

I start to come back to myself when I feel his hips jerk and his face go into my neck, where he groans his release. I wrap myself tighter around him, and he shifts slightly to the side, pulling his weight off my belly. I lie there in awe, knowing that, earlier tonight, I thought I would never have this again.

“How did you get off the boat?” I ask as my mind begins to clear.

“Fucking Frank. I swear he doesn’t listen, but this time, I’m glad he ignored my order. He knew who I was meeting with and insisted he follow us in another boat. I told him, ‘Absolutely not,’ because I didn’t want the guys I was with to see him and get spooked, but lucky for me, he ignored me.” He pauses and runs a hand down my cheek. “When we got out into the open seas, the guys jumped ship, leaving me alone on the yacht. I called for Mayday but knew something was up, so I took off all my clothes and got into the water right before the boat exploded. A few minutes after that happened, Frank pulled up on a small boat, looking smug. I told him then that no one could know I’m alive. Their stupid plan to kill me, and Frank’s ignoring my order, gave me the perfect opportunity to finally clean up a situation that has been needing my attention for a while,” he says carefully.