Author: P Hana

Page 41


“This is how you should always greet me,” I say, bending and brushing my lips against her ear, feeling her shiver.

“There are too many people around,” she moans as my hand slides around and down her belly.

My fingers slide between her folds then circle her clit. She’s right; there are always too many fucking people around. But I know we are alone right now. I lift her up on the counter and hear her gasp when her skin touches the cool granite.

“What kind of cake did you make me?” I lean back and swipe my finger through the creamy white frosting.

“French vanilla with a mango center.”

I hold my finger out and her tongue comes out. Her eyes lock with mine as she licks the frosting off slowly.

“You don’t want any?” she asks.

I smile and lean back, taking another swipe of icing. This time, I gently smear it on the tips of her breasts before lowering my head and pulling first one then the other nipple into my mouth. Her body arches under me, and her feet dig into my back. I pull my mouth from her breast and kiss down to her belly button.

“It’s good,” I whisper against her lower stomach.

Her stomach quivers, and I nip the skin over her lower belly before locking my gaze with hers.

“But I’ve had better.” I swipe my tongue over her clit before pulling it into my mouth with a gentle tug.

Her body starts shaking, and I pull away, breathing against her perfect core. Her eyes lock with mine and heat. I stand and slowly take my tie and shirt off before dropping them to the floor. The heels of her feet go to the counter, which opens her up to me. I growl in approval, quickly unhook my belt just enough to release my cock from the confines of my pants, and then slide the head through her wet folds twice before slowly edging inside her.

“Kai,” hisses from her lips. Her back arches and her chest rises, causing my hips to buck and my length to slide in even deeper.

I have dreamt about her since I’ve been gone, and I haven’t even used my hand to relieve the tension that has been building from waking up without her, so I know I will not be able to hold back the release I already feel building.

I roll my hips forward, and her hands come up to my shoulders. Fuck. She looks like some kind of pagan sacrifice spread open before me, her legs wide, her head back, the length of her hair touching the counter, and the moonlight bouncing off her features. I put a hand on her ass to keep her in place while my thumb goes to her clit, circling it. Her head lifts and her eyes meet mine as I begin pounding into her hard, each thrust causing her to tighten around me.

“You need to come.” I slap her thigh, causing her to get wetter as her head falls back and her hands slip off my shoulders.

She lies on the counter, her back arches, and her hands roam up her stomach to hold on to her breasts, her fingers pulling on her nipples. Fucking beautiful. I have never seen anything more erotic than her writhing on the counter, getting off on the way I’m fucking her.

My thrusts speed up, and her hand travels down to where mine is rolling over her clit. Her legs wrap tighter around my hips as her pussy begins to convulse, her orgasm milking mine from me.

I lay my head on her chest, trying to catch my breath as I listen to the sound of her heavy breathing and enjoy the feel of her heart. I feel her shaking, and I wonder if she’s crying. When I look up at her, her head is back and there is a stunning smile on her face, which I can see even in the moonlight.

“I’m going to get offended in a minute,” I tell her.

Her head tilts down and our eyes lock. “Don’t. That was awesome.”

I chuckle and pull my weight off her, helping her to sit up while simultaneously sliding out of her. “Why were you laughing?”

“It’s nothing.” She closes her eyes.

I look down, seeing that I have once again fucked up and not worn a condom. I have never had this issue before her, and I don’t understand what it says about her that she has the ability to cause me to be so reckless. Not that I would mind her ending up pregnant, but I know that that’s not something she is comfortable with at this time, and I respect and love her enough to give that to her—at least for the time being.

“Tell me?” I pick my shirt up and help her slip it on.

“Just…at the rate we’re going, I will never be able to start birth control.”


She bites her lip then looks around before looking at me. “The doctor said I couldn’t start until after I have my period.” Her brow furrows and then her eyes get big.


“Oh no,” she whispers, covering her mouth.

“Myla, what?”

“I’m late,” she breathes as all the color drains out of her face.

“Late for what?” I question, still confused.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no…” she chants, her eyes still locked with mine.

Then it hits me.

Late. She is late for her period.

I feel my body lighten, but then I take in her ashen expression and instantly become concerned. “Talk to me,” I tell her gently while tucking myself back into my slacks.

“It’s too soon. We’re not ready.”

“It’s not too soon.” I gently place my hand on her stomach, overwhelmed by the thought that my child could be growing in there right now.

“We need to go to the store,” she says, moving my hand and jumping off the counter.

“I’ll send someone.”

“No,” she pleads, grabbing me with both hands. “If I am, I don’t want anyone to know.”

“We, makamae,” I growl.

“What?” She shakes her head, looking around the kitchen.

“That’s my son growing inside you. You’re not in this alone, nor will you ever be.”

“Kai.” She shakes her head and tears begin to fill her eyes.

“This is our moment, and we won’t share it with anyone else, but this is about both of us,” I tell her firmly.

“You’re right,” she whispers. “I just… I just never planned for this. For any of this.”

I catch a tear as it falls and remind her softly, “I never planned for any of this, either.”

“I know.” She closes her eyes then opens them back up. “I need to know if I am.”

“I’ll take you to the drugstore. We don’t even know if you are, so you may still get your wish.” I hear the deadness in my tone as I lead her back to our room. I grab a clean shirt as she quickly gets dressed.