Author: P Hana

Page 36


“I have to go away for a few days.”

“Why?” I sit up, pulling the blankets up with me, and scoot back to the headboard. I don’t know what I will do if he tells me that we’re over now.

“There’s some business I need to attend to in Vegas.”

“Okay,” I say slowly, hoping he will continue. But instead, he looks around the room, anywhere but at me. “What is it?”

He stretches out his neck then looks at me again. “Pika’s in jail.”

“He’s in jail?” I feel my eyes get wide. “What did he do?”

“Don’t know. No one knows. The cops aren’t letting him speak to anyone.”

“That’s illegal,” I tell him.

He smiles then frowns. “I really don’t want to leave you.”

“I can come with you if you want,” I suggest.

“You’re not coming with me. You’re safest here.”

He’s right. Here, all the flights and boats that come to the island are monitored, so Kai’s men know if someone shows up. Plus, the house is completely secure. I feel safe here, and I know I wouldn’t be able to say the same thing if I went to Vegas, even with Kai.

“I’m not sure how long I will be gone, but I need to go and make sure he’s okay.”

“I understand. I’ll be fine. Is Aye staying with me?”

“Aye and Frank,” he replies.

“So, basically, Aye is going to have to watch over Frank and me while you’re gone?”

“Basically.” He smiles and I giggle. “It makes my uncle feel useful.”

“I like him a lot, and, your mom’s right. He’s funny, even if he is crazy.”

“He likes you too. All of my family does,” he says in a tone I have come to crave from him. Something about the way his voice goes soft makes that warmth seep into every cell in my body.

“Who are you taking with you?”

“My brother. I have my cousin and some men in Vegas, so I know that, once I get there, we’ll be good.

“I hope Pika’s okay. He didn’t even say goodbye to me before he left,” I whisper.

“He’ll be fine,” he says gruffly, and I nod.

I know Kai will make sure Pika is okay. I just wonder why the police are keeping him quiet.

“When do you need to leave?” I ask.

“After I get ready. The plane is being prepared as we speak.”

“Do you want me to do anything? I can pack you up some clothes while you shower if you want.”

“I have a place in Vegas. I keep clothes there.”

Of course he has a place in Vegas, I think, and then I gasp as his finger runs over my nipple.

“There is something you can do though.”

“What’s that?” I ask.

“I need you to come shower with me.”

A smile forms on my mouth and grows wider as his eyes heat. “You want me to come shower with you?” I scoot to my knees on the bed so I can get closer to him.

“Need,” he rumbles as his hand wraps around the back of my neck, pulling my mouth to his.

His hands go to my waist and travel up my sides, pushing my tank top up and over my head, his mouth only leaving mine for a brief moment. His hands tug at my pants and he quickly pulls them off, placing his hand between my legs, his fingers zeroing in on my clit.

“Oh,” I moan, and he pulls me onto his lap.

My hands go to his shoulders and my head falls back as his mouth leaves mine to trail down my neck. He widens his thighs and opens me up to his touch. His lips lock around my nipple as one finger enters me for a moment before trailing up and over my clit, circling it again. I grab his hair as his mouth trails over to my other nipple and tugs hard.

“Kai,” I whimper as my nails scrape across his scalp and my hips buck against his hand. I trail my hands down over his chest to claw over his abs then run my fingers under the edge of his boxers, over the head of his cock.

“You want it?” he growls.

My head comes up and my eyes meet his. “I want it.”



My head flies back as he enters me with two fingers. His other hand holds on to my ass, helping me to rock against his hand. I come on a moan, my face going to his neck. I come back to myself as his fingers leave me. I pull my face away from his skin and lean back enough to look into his eyes.


I lift my hips at the same time he works his cock out of his sleep plants. He reaches over to the bedside table and pulls out a condom. Then he uses his teeth to rip open the gold foil packet, making quick work of sliding the condom down his length.

“Com’ere.” His hand wraps around my hip and he pulls me closer while he holds himself in place.

I slowly slide down, feeling every inch of him stretching and filling me. I still my movements when I have taken him in fully. His hands come up to frame my face, and no words need to be said. I can see everything he wants to say right there in his eyes. I hold on to his shoulders, using them as leverage as I lift and roll my hips. Our eyes stay locked on each other, just our hands moving. His cups my breast and rolls my nipples then slides down my waist, his thumb running over my clit. My hand drops and goes to our connection, feeling his cock entering me.

“You feel that?”

“Yes,” I breathe as his thumb rolls over my clit. “So full.”

“TU Kai.” His eyes close, and when they open, he takes his bottom lip between his teeth and starts pulling me up and down on him hard.

I whimper when he reaches a place deep inside me that has never been touched before. The pain mixed with pleasure brings me closer to orgasm. I lean forward and bite his chin then pull his lip between my teeth, nipping it before licking his mouth until his tongue tangles with mine and the taste of him I love so much seeps into my pores.

His hips begin to buck, and I grind myself down, crying out into his mouth as my orgasm erupts through me, causing a wave of pleasure to roll along every cell in my body. I distantly hear Kai roar my name as I slowly come back to myself. I feel his arms wrap around me and his face bury in my shoulder. Our breathing is labored, and my body feels like it weighs a million pounds as I slump against his chest.

“Are you going to be okay while I’m gone?”

I lazily lift my head and look into his eyes. “If I say no, would you stay with me?”


I blink at the absolution in his tone and swallow back my emotions. “I’ll be fine.” I don’t want him to worry about me. I know he has his friend to think about. And I hope he can get things sorted out with Pika so that he can come home quickly, but I really don’t want him to worry about me when he’s away.