Author: P Hana

Page 32


“Kai,” I whimper at the image then squeak when he lifts me. My arms go around his neck, my legs wrap around his hips, and his hands go to my ass.

“Hold tight.” He opens the door to his office then quickly walks to his room, taking me into the bathroom. “Let’s get cleaned up, and then I’m going to have a closer look at your tan lines.” He sets me on the vanity.

“You’re obsessed.” I laugh, remembering all the times he has brought them up before and how strange I thought it was at the time.

He walks over to the shower then looks at me over his shoulder. “For months, I’ve had to look at them from afar, watch your skin darken, knowing that parts of you would forever be creamy white, and those parts are the best ones. So, yes, I’m fucking obsessed with your tan lines because I know that no one else will ever be able to see them but me.”

He starts the shower then comes back to me, his hips going between my legs. My breath is still paused from his words, and I let out a harsh exhale as his hand comes up and his fingers run along the underside of my jaw. Then they move down to trace my collarbone and farther down between my breast before undoing the buttons of his shirt to spread it open.

I look down at myself, seeing what he’s seeing. My breasts are pale, along with my lower stomach and hips. His finger traces the outline where dark meets light before going lower and doing the same along my stomach, making my muscles contract as his fingers run over my skin.

I take my hand and place it over his, admiring the contrast in our colors. He grunts, pulling me from the counter with his hands under my ass, carrying me into the glass-enclosed shower. As soon as we enter, the spray of warm water engulfs us, causing a moan of pleasure to leave my mouth.

“You can’t make those noises right now—not when I don’t have a condom in here and my cock is so close to the heat I can feel coming off your pussy.” He slides me down his body, his cock hard against my belly as my feet touch the floor. “Step back.”

I do and tilt my head back under the spray, wetting my hair as his fingers work through it. Then I lean my face forward, my gaze colliding with his as he pulls a bottle of shampoo off the shelf. He runs some through my hair before he tilts my head back again, rinsing the suds clean. When I step forward this time, he smears some conditioner in my hair and starts to lean me back again, but I stop him.

“My turn.” I turn us and step up in front of him, grabbing the bottle of shampoo. I look at him, wondering how I will be able to reach the top of his head.

He smiles then mutters, “Hop up.”

I put my hands on his shoulders and hop, wrapping my legs tight around him, the slickness of our bodies making him hold me tighter to him so I don’t slide down. I reach over and grab the bottle I set down moments ago, squirting some in my hand then massaging it through his hair, using my nails to scrape over his scalp.

“Hell,” he mumbles, closing his eyes.

I smile and press a quick kiss to his lips, whispering there, “Lean back.”

He does, and I rinse the soap from his hair then grab the conditioner, following the same steps, only this time, his eyes are locked on mine as my fingers move through his hair, making the moment feel even more intimate.

When I’m done with his hair, his hands squeeze my ass once, signaling for me to hop down. When my feet hit the ground, he turns me in his arms and grabs a bar of black soap off the shelf. Holding it in his hand, he starts at my arms and slowly moves to my chest. Then he works it down over my stomach and lower to slide between my legs, where he carefully washes me. When he’s done, my body is on fire.

I take the soap from him and lather my hands up before running them up his chest, over his smooth skin, which is warm and hard to the touch. As my hands travel over his abs, I become fascinated as his muscles twitch under my touch. My eyes travel lower, noticing the bead of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. Without thinking, I lean lower and lick the head, the salty taste of him exploding on the tip of my tongue.

“TU Kai,” he groans, taking hold of my chin, forcing my face up to his. “Don’t test my willpower right now, makamae. I’m hanging on by a thin thread.”

The thrill of his words causes my eyes to go half-mast. I love that I can do that to him. I swear I feel my body feeding off the power I have over him, knowing he wants me so badly that he might snap. It causes me to sink to my knees, place my lips over the head of his cock, and swirl my tongue around it once. Then I wrap my hand lower, using my fist and mouth at the same time. My head tilts back as his hand tugs on my hair.

“I’m going to punish you for this,” he growls, causing my pussy to convulse and a whimper to climb up my throat.

I take him as deep as I can as he thrusts into my mouth. Without warning, he pulls me up, the sound of me releasing him from my mouth echoing through the glass-enclosed space.

“I—” I start to tell him that I wasn’t done, but his mouth crashes down on mine and he lifts me up, spreading my legs and impaling me on him. I cry out, my hands go to his shoulders, and my nails dig into his skin as he fucks into me hard and fast, my body gliding easily against his with the wet sheen of soapy water that is coating our skin.

“Come!” he roars.

My body takes over, listening to his command, my pussy convulsing as his hips jerk then still.

His forehead lowers to mine. “Yes, you’re going to be punished. That time, I didn’t use a condom,” he says, but I hear no anger.

My eyes slowly open, my orgasm still floating through my system, making it hard to focus. His hand comes up, running from my temple down along the underside of my jaw. I lean in towards his touch and sigh when he pulls me away from the wall and back under the water.

“I’m clean,” I mumble as the haze clears.

His hold tightens, and my arms slide farther around his shoulders as my ankles lock behind him.

“Not worried about that.”

“We will be more careful.”

He shakes his head, pulling out of me and setting me gently on the floor once again.

“The first chance I get, I’ll get on birth control.”

“We have a lot to learn about each other.” His hand cups my cheek. Then he lowers his head, placing a kiss on my lips. “And if the gods are in our favor, a lifetime to do it in.”

I like that a lot. I like that he wants this thing between us to work. “You’re pretty amazing,” I tell him honestly, feeling the warmth that is always in my stomach engulf me.