Author: P Hana

Page 13


“Your mom misses you,” Kai says, breaking into my thoughts.

“I know, and I miss her too, Kai, but this isn’t the time or place for a family reunion.”

“You need to learn to trust me.”

“And you need to learn to talk to me before taking it upon yourself to just do stuff you have no right to do,” I argue.

“You’re right,” he says, and I’m completely taken aback by his words and the fact he just agreed with me. “You’re right, but I’m also right.”

I let out a defeated breath, realizing once again that he just doesn’t get it.

“So much for that,” I think and don’t realize I’ve said it out loud until I see his lip twitch.

“It will all work out.”

“You keep saying that, Kai, but you and I both know that your mother has built it up in her head that my mother’s wish has come true. She is so happy that she has this relationship to reconnect her with her friend who is long gone that she is not going to be very understanding about the fact we have lied to her and everyone else.”

His eyes search my face, and for the first time, I get the feeling that he finally understands what I have been saying all along.

“So we try to make this into a real relationship.”

My lungs freeze and my mouth goes dry as I sit there in stunned silence, looking at him and trying to think of a way to come back from that.

After a moment, I sit up in the lounger. “Are you insane?” I screech.

“You’re attracted to me,” he states.

“I…I’m attra—attracted to you?” I stutter out.

“And I’m attracted to you,” he says as his eyes travel over my body, and I feel my nipples pucker against the thin material of my bikini.

“Be serious.” I cross my arms over my chest.

“I’m being very serious.”

“It won’t work,” I argue.

“Why won’t it? Every relationship starts with attraction. You’re attracted to me, and I’m attracted to you.”

“Stop telling me that I’m attracted to you,” I growl, trying to stand up, but before I can, I’m down in the lounger and Kai is leaning over me with his face inches from mine.

“Why not try, Myla?”

“Because it’s a very, very dumb idea, Kai.” I roll my eyes.

“We don’t even have to have sex until you’re ready,” he says, ignoring what I just said and moving his face closer to mine. “Let’s try it while your family is in town. After they leave, we will reevaluate everything and then decide if we want to keep moving forward in our relationship.”

“I can’t believe I’m even considering this,” I say.

A small smile appears on his face right before he lowers his head and takes my mouth in a kiss so hot that I feel it all the way to my toes. When he pulls his mouth from mine, his lips go to my forehead, my nose, then my chin. I’m surprised by the sudden feeling that ignites in my chest from his soft show of affection.

“We need to have a first date,” he tells me, and I don’t even try to fight back my smile this time. “What?” he questions as his eyebrows pull together.

“I get to pick our first date,” I tell him and then bite my lip when his eyes narrow.

“All right, Myla. You get to pick the first date,” he agrees.

I can tell he is trying to figure out what I’m up to, and it takes everything in me not to smile or tell him that he’s in for it.

“In the meantime, would you like to watch a movie?” he asks, catching me off guard.

“I…” I pause and search his face before lowering my voice and asking, “A movie?” Aye, Pika, and I watch movies often, but Kai has never even asked to watch one with us. And he honestly seems annoyed when he finds us all lazing on the couch together.

“It’s Saturday. There isn’t much going on, and I don’t need to work, so uh—”

“Okay,” I agree, cutting him off, seeing how uncomfortable he is with asking me, “but I get to pick.”

“No!” He shakes his head. “I’m not watching a chick flick.”

“I never said anything about watching a chick flick. I said I get to choose the movie.”

“Nope. I’m picking,” he says firmly.

I roll my eyes and hop off the lounger before he can stop me again. I look over my shoulder when I notice he’s not following me. “Are you coming?”

“Yep,” he mutters with his eyes glued to the waist of my bikini.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, looking down to where his eyes are locked.

“Your color is changing,” he says, his eyes traveling up my body, making me feel like I’m not wearing anything.

“I’ve been using sunscreen,” I tell him when the look in his eyes doesn’t change.

“I can see that,” he says so quietly that I almost don’t hear him.

I’m just about to ask him what his problem is, but then his hand goes to my waist and he pulls the side of my bikini down.

“What are you doing?” I ask, stepping away from his touch.

“Your tan lines…” He shakes his head like he’s coming out of some kind of trance.

“What?” I ask confused.

“Nothing. Are you ready?”

“Sure.” I bite my lip and walk into the house in front of him. The whole way, I swear I can feel his eyes roaming over my exposed skin. “I’ll be right back,” I mumble, running up the stairs and into my room, where I quickly grab an oversized shirt and slip it on before I run back down to the movie lounge. “What did you pick?” I ask, plopping myself down onto one of the overstuffed sofas.

“You’ll see.” He smiles at me over his shoulder, and that image alone is enough to make me want to go to him and kiss the smile off his face.

For a man who doesn’t smile often, when he does, it’s always stunning. It astounds me that someone who gives off the energy of a person you wouldn’t want to cross is the same man you would pray to spend a moment with just to see if you could get him to smile at you.


“Hmm?” I ask.

“I asked if you would like something to drink?”

I feel my face heat up, realizing I was staring at him, and know that I need a moment to gather my wits before sitting alone with him in a quiet room. “Oh, I can get it.” I hop up off the couch and make it to the edge of the movie room before turning around and asking, “Would you like something?”