Author: P Hana

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We spend the rest of the evening mingling. Chloe has every person I introduce her to eating out of the palm of her hand with her kindness and finesse—not that I’m surprised. The qualities that draw people in are the same qualities that made me fall in love with her in the first place.

I do notice, though, that Maxine is nowhere to be seen. I transferred her the week prior to work with another lawyer after she had made a statement about Chloe to her father, telling him that, since Chloe had come into my life, she had noticed a reduction in my work and she worried that my relationship was going to affect the firm. I could no longer let her distaste for Chloe slide.

The ripping sound of the white fabric that was covering Chloe fills the room as I tear her dress down the middle. Her eyes widen and her lips part as I lead her to the bed, positioning her in the middle with her legs spread before tying her ankles to the posts.

“This dress has driven me crazy all night,” I say, running a piece of the fabric through my hands. “Watching men looking at you, watching how their eyes would heat as you spoke to them,” I say, running the fabric over the tops of her breasts. “Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy making me jealous?”

She shakes her head, and I tilt mine to look at her, searching her expression as I take one of her hands and kiss her wrist before wrapping a piece of the fabric around it.

“I believe you enjoyed it,” I say, grazing a finger down her arm, over the tips of her breasts, over her belly, and then down to cup her pussy. My middle finger presses into her wetness.

“Nolan,” she hisses, lifting her hips.

I press in harder, gathering some of her juices, then bring my fingers to her lips, coating them before leaning over and licking her mouth.

“So sweet,” I groan into her then stand and walk around the bed to lift her other wrist to my mouth, this time sucking it before wrapping the fabric around it and tying it to the headboard. “Now, where do I start?” I smile, taking off my cufflinks, loosening my tie, and unbuttoning my shirt before shrugging it off my shoulders.

Her eyes are locked on my zipper, where my cock is outlined. I take off my belt then slowly pull down my zipper, watching her eyes. Once I’m free, I wrap my fingers around my cock and begin pumping.

“Do you want a taste?” I ask.

She nods, so I crawl up onto the bed, kneel over her face, and feed my length into her mouth and down her throat. I have taught her how to control her gag reflex, so she is a pro at taking me just the way I like.

I fuck into her mouth then use one hand to slide down her stomach and over her clit, making her hips buck. She is so wet that my fingers slip inside her with ease.

“Fuck, baby, I’ve got to have a taste of you,” I say, causing her to moan around my cock.

Then I bury my face between her legs. My arms go around her thighs and spread her open farther so my tongue can go deeper. I lick and suck her clit, making sure to tease her with the tips of my fingers at her entrance until she is writhing under me.

Her moans around my length make it hard to hold off my orgasm, so I move quickly, pulling out of her mouth, not wanting to waste my come down her throat. Once I’m in position, I thrust into her hard, her hands straining against the rope, and her legs shift as she fights to get loose.

“There is no place I would rather be than inside of you. Nowhere,” I groan against her ear, feeling her pussy trying to suck me deeper. “Come with me, Angel. Tighten that pussy and come with me,” I snarl down her throat.

Her pussy begins to milk my orgasm right from me. Then I plant myself deep and come, filling her with my seed.

“That time, I gave you my kid,” I whisper, and her pussy tightens again. “You like that idea, Angel?” I ask as I lean back to look at her. I place my hands on her face to hold her gently. “Do you like the idea of having my baby?”

“Yes.” She smiles as tears begin to fall into her hair.

I smile and lower my mouth to hers, kissing her once more.

Now, I just need to marry her and make it official.


“I’m surprised you wanted to come back here,” she says, laughing as we pass a group of kids on the way into the museum.

I look down at her then follow her eyes to where a little boy is licking the glass of one of the displays and shake my head. “The last time we were here made me realize how many little things I miss out on, and I don’t want you to not experience things just because I’m busy.

“I don’t feel like that.” She frowns. “I love the life we have with each other.”

“I’m glad, Angel. I just know my schedule is hectic, and I need to learn how to properly balance it all,” I say, walking her over to the large-screen TV they have playing videos of dolphins and whales.

The moment we’re standing in front of it, a video begins to play images of places that have meant something to us—the bakery where I first saw her, her old front door, where we shared our first kiss, the restaurant we had our first date, and then where we are right now. Chloe looks at the screen then at me as I get down on one knee, opening the ring box.

“Marry me, Chloe. Say you will be my wife.”

Her eyes instantly fill with tears as she whispers, “Yes.”

Her hand is shaking frantically as I slide the five-carat ring onto her finger. Then I bring it to my mouth and place a kiss on it before standing, bending her over my arm, and kissing her until we’re both panting for breath. When I stand us back up, the crowd around us begins to applaud. I look at my angel and smile.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married,” Chloe says. She holds her hand up to the light coming thought the bedroom window, which makes her ring sparkle.

“You shouldn’t have been surprised, Angel.”

“I know I shouldn’t have, but even now, this seems surreal. I can’t believe that you’re mine.”

My gut twists from knowing that she feels this just like I do.

“I will forever be yours, Angel,” I tell her, pulling her hand to my mouth and kissing her fingers.

Chapter 6

The sound of Chloe getting sick has me sitting up in bed. This is the second morning this has occurred. I would assume she’s pregnant, but she had her period, so the sickness has me worried.

“Angel,” I say quietly, kneeling down beside her and placing a cool rag on the back of her neck. “I’m taking you to the doctor today. I know you said you’re fine, but you keep getting sick and I can’t stand to see you like this.”