Author: P Hana

Page 13


We pull up to my house after an hour, and Chloe sleepily lifts her head when I move her to punch in the code for the gate.

“This isn’t a house,” she says.

I turn my head to look at the structure in front of us. It’s all brick, with three-story, white pillars that line the front porch. It’s ten thousand square feet, eight bedrooms, nine baths, with a rec room and two large living rooms.

“I know it’s big, but I plan to fill every room in that house with a kid someday.”

“And who exactly is going to have that many kids?”

“You.” I smile when I see her shake her head out of the corner of my eye while I pull into the garage.

“Do I get a say in it?” Chloe asks, raising an eyebrow.

“You had a say the first night I walked you home. That was the time for you to run, but instead, you took my hand and let me get a taste of you. Now, I’m fucking addicted, and now, not even you can stop me from getting what I want,” I declare.

She surprises me by leaning over and pressing a kiss to my lips before quickly getting out of the car. I turn off the engine and shut the door for the garage while I’m still in the car, and then I unhook my belt before opening the door and getting out. Chloe is standing at the rear of the car as I pull off my suit jacket, laying it over the trunk then pulling my belt loose. I hold it in one hand while the other one grabs Chloe around the waist, jerking her towards me.

“My beautiful angel,” I mutter, crashing my mouth down onto hers while pulling her hands behind her back.

Her moan is the exact sound I want to hear as I use my belt to quickly bind her hands. Once she’s bound, I lift her, placing her on my jacket.

“Nolan,” she gasps as I slip her shoes off. Then I rip open her jeans, pull them over her hips, and toss them to the ground behind me.

“No talking,” I snarl as I lift her legs from behind her knees and pull her ass towards the edge. “Do you see, Chloe?” I growl, using my fingers under her chin to pull her face towards me. “Do you understand that, when you continue to give yourself to me willingly, you constantly feed the addiction I have for you?” I travel my hands up her thighs, to her waist, then up under her shirt, pulling it over her head in the process. “But, for you, there is no cure, no treatment,” I rumble against her mouth, licking it before licking down her neck to the tops of her breasts, pulling down the cups of her bra, and then stepping back to look at her.

“Open,” I say, placing my thumb in her mouth, swirling it around her tongue. Once it’s coated nicely, I pull it free, immediately placing it on her clit, using her saliva and juices for lubrication smoothly to circle it. “Put your feet on the trunk and stay open for me,” I order, never stopping my ministrations.

Once she’s positioned like I want, I kiss her in approval, showing her what I will soon be doing with my mouth to her pussy. She cries out as I twist her nipple while thrusting deep into her soaking-wet sex. I slowly pull away from the kiss so I can watch her face as she comes.

Her pussy tightens around my fingers as her eyes roll back into her head. Before her orgasm even passes, I lower my face, keeping my rhythm deep inside her while swallowing all of her juices. When her body begins to tremble, I know she is going to go over again, so I make a quick decision, using one hand to pull myself free.

My cock is rock hard, throbbing with anticipation, knowing that, soon, it will be surrounded by hot, wet silk. There is nothing better than being inside her, nothing better than knowing that her pussy was made to take only my cock. Since taking her virginity, I swear my cock was designed to fit inside her like the perfect puzzle piece.

I thrust slowly at first, then faster, watching my length disappear. Her tits are bouncing over the top of her bra with each thrust. Her knees start to shake as her pussy begins to ripple around my girth, and when I know she’s on the verge of coming, I pull out and bury my face between her legs so she can orgasm on my tongue. Then I stand, sliding back inside her hard and fast, making the car rock.

Her cry of ecstasy eggs me on, making me fuck into her wildly until my balls draw up and I force her face to mine.

“One more. Give me one more,” I growl, forcing my tongue down her throat as long jets of come shoot off inside her, filling her womb with my seed, setting off her third orgasm.

Her body goes limp, and I pull her to my chest, running my hand down her back then releasing the belt from her wrists. It takes a few minutes for her to come back to me, but the first thing she does is kiss my chest, cuddling closer to me. This is why my addiction for her grows. She accepts me, all of me, while asking for even more.

I tilt her head back and place a soft kiss on her lips before slipping out of her and fixing my pants. Then I look at her clothes, which are now in a pile on the floor, and take off my shirt, putting it on her before lifting her under her ass and wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Okay, Angel. Let’s show you your new home,” I say, carrying her to the door.

I should have brought her here a long time ago. When I knew what she meant to me, I should have kidnapped her ass and brought her here, where I could have kept her to myself and we could have started our lives without ever giving anyone the opportunity to fuck with us.

I carry her inside, entering right into the kitchen, where I set her down on the counter.

“Let me get you some water, and then I’m going to call my mom and have her pick you up some stuff to wear. When I know things have calmed down a little, we can go to the mall,” I say, going to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water, then bringing it to her.

“I can go,” she says.

My hand with the water bottle puts it to the side then lifts her face to me. “You will not leave unless I’m with you.”

“I never said I was going alone,” she replies calmly, placing her hand on my cheek. “I just feel weird having your mom get me clothes.”

I force my body to relax before speaking. “Don’t. It will make her feel like she’s helping. Would you like to take a bath?”

She nods and I pick her up again, carrying her upstairs to our bedroom. Once I have the bath full, I help her out of my shirt then watch as she lowers herself into the water.

“I think I’m going to wait a few days to call my mother,” I tell her, pulling my pants off.

“Why?” she asks confused.

“If I don’t call her, you have nothing to wear. I can think of worse ways to spend my days.”

She bites her bottom lip then breaks out into laughter, tossing a handful of bubbles at me.