Author: P Hana

Page 62


“Oh shit.” I sucked in a sharp breath. He was so deep this way. A fine mist of sweat covered my skin. I circled my hips, finding my bearings. “I thought you didn’t like it this way.”

“You’re not exactly putting me out.”

I smiled. “You sure?”

He licked his lower lip, and I leaned in to catch it between my teeth. I sucked him and kissed him feverishly. He groaned and lifted my hips. He was only in me at the tip when he slammed me down hard, filling me. I gasped for air at the sweet ache of his cock penetrating me.

“Oh, God.” I clenched around him, steadying myself with my hands on his shoulders. “You’re so deep.”

He caught me by the nape and drew me in for a kiss, deep strokes, gently fucking my mouth with his tongue. He gripped my hips tightly, grinding me down a fraction more. “I can’t live without this, Erica. Without you.”

My breath left me, but he swallowed it with another devouring kiss.

“You won’t have to. I promise. I swear it.” I sifted my fingers through his hair, pressing my breasts against his chest. “I love you, Blake. You’re the only one. My only love.”

I lifted again, my thighs slapping down against him. He hit the end of me again, stretching the sensitive tissues at my core. His hands gripped me anxiously, and his face tensed with agonizing strain. He lifted me, powerfully working me over his cock, over and over until my thighs trembled.

“Blake.” My voice was a plea. “Are you close? I want to come with you.”

His cheeks bloomed with heat and he clenched his jaw as he pumped into me. “Now, baby. Feel me come inside you.”

His words did me in, the vision of him losing himself, buried in me. My whole body shook with the power of the orgasm that swept over me. My head fell back as he released with a cry and one final drive, pushing us both over the edge.


I woke up to Blake’s warm body curled around me. I stretched, and he pressed slow, lazy kisses along the length of my torso. Having sleep—actual restful, nightmare-free sleep—only to wake to Blake’s hands and mouth on me. This could be heaven.

He nuzzled my neck, sucking my skin softly.

“No more hickeys,” I warned.

He laughed into my neck. “I wasn’t sure I was actually going to see you again. I had to leave my mark.”

“Yes, you made yourself known.”

He stilled and turned me to face him. “James saw?”

I paused. “He noticed, yeah.”

His expression was impassive, but I saw emotion storming behind his eyes. “What exactly does he mean to you?”

I bit my lip, wondering what to say that wouldn’t send Blake flying into a jealous rage. “Think of him like my Sophia. He’s a friend who wants more, but a friend all the same.”

“If he wants you, then I want him gone. You can find someone else to do what he does.”

I rolled my eyes. “And I want Sophia gone. So we’re probably both going to be disappointed for a while.”

“This is completely different. Sophia lives in New York. You work with the man face-to-face nearly every day. If I had someone at my office trying to fuck me every day, you’d lose your mind.”

I sighed. “James and I don’t have a history, and he’s a good person. He’s not hatching a plot to get me away from you.” I didn’t think so anyway, though he certainly wasn’t a fan of Blake. “Can we drop it for now?”

“I can’t stand that he had his hands on you.”

“Then don’t think about it, because it doesn’t matter.”

I lifted my head to kiss him, praying he’d never know that James had had his mouth on me too. I lay back and traced his jaw. His face seemed softer, rested. Maybe he hadn’t been sleeping well without me, either.

“Speaking of work, I should meet with Risa at some point and get that mess cleared up.”

“Can’t it wait until Monday?”

“Maybe. She’ll probably wonder why she can’t get into her email account though, if she’s doing any work after hours.”

“Let her wonder. Your time is better spent in bed with me. We have to make up for lost time.”


“I was thinking about kissing you from head to toe until you beg me to stop. And I need to block out at least an hour for licking your pussy.” He slid his hand to cover my mound. “Yeah, at least an hour. Let’s see, what else…?”

I laughed. “Okay, I get it, but I should go downstairs and get cleaned up.”

“Nonsense. You can shower here. No clothes necessary. I want you naked in my bed all day. I’ll tie you up if I have to. You know I will.” He looked serious but a ghost of a smile passed over his features.

“We’ll have to face reality eventually, you know.”

“Nah.” He lowered his mouth and circled my nipple with his tongue, flicking the tip until a familiar warmth simmered in my belly.

I sucked in a breath and arched into the motion, sliding my fingers through his hair. He slipped a finger into my sex, curling up to the spot that made me crazy.

“I haven’t even gotten to use any of my toys on you. And you’re in big trouble for all this shit you pulled.”

I moaned and lifted my hips to deepen his penetration. I’d wanted dominant Blake. Here he was.

My phone rang, interrupting our moment. Still in Blake’s clutches, I reached for it. Sid. Thank God.


“Hey, uh, the police are at the apartment.”


“They have questions about some guy, Mark MacLeod. They said you knew him?”

“Shit. Okay. I’ll be right down.”

Blake slipped another finger into me and closed his teeth gently around my nipple. My brain skidded, trying to decide which direction to move in. I tried to push him away, but he was firm and unmoving, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Oh, you’re here?” Sid asked.

My breath hitched. “Yeah, I’m at Blake’s. Give me a few minutes.”

I hung up and Blake took my other nipple in his mouth, his cheeks hollowing with a long, delicious pull on the tip.

I gave him a gentle shove. “Get up. I have to go.”

“Why? Who was that?”

He loosened his hold and I slipped away, throwing on my clothes from the previous night. My mind was racing. Daniel had implied that the investigation would be closed. What the hell were they doing here?