Author: P Hana

Page 22


“Wish it were me touching you?”


“Want me to sink my cock into that wet pussy of yours?”

“Yes,” I gasped. My belly tightened and heat prickled across my skin. My core pulsed and clenched, wanting to be filled with him. All of him, until all of this madness went away and it was just us, together.

“Go ahead and work yourself up.”

A flash of fear shot through me as I felt him move away from me. If he was willing to shun me earlier, what would stop him from teasing me to the edge and leaving me there just to spite me? My fingers worked feverishly over my clit. My orgasm built, and I chased it. Eyes squeezed tight, I blocked everything else out. Suddenly I was convinced he’d leave me unsatisfied if I didn’t get there myself.

“Blake,” I moaned. His name left my lips like a desperate prayer. He wasn’t inside me, but he was still with me. Invading my thoughts, deeply embedded in any fantasy that would bring me to climax. I kept him close as I clawed at the now empty couch, my hips lifting into my own chase.

“I’m right here.”

My eyes flew open at the sound of his voice at my neck. Before I could focus, he linked his arm through both of mine at the elbow, pulling my shoulders back. My breasts jutted out. My clit throbbed for attention. I shifted restlessly, too eager to finish or be finished. His free hand came to my throat, his grasp both gentle and possessive. His thumb rested on the heavy pulse point that beat stronger as he circled the column of my neck.

“I want to show your body who it belongs to, but I want to hear you say it,” he whispered, pulling my earlobe into his mouth. He sucked, bit down hard.

I jerked as much as his restraint allowed me. I was wound too tight.

He soothed the sting with his tongue. Hot open-mouthed kisses down my neck had me breathless and squirming. I pushed my hips back into his erection, silently begging him to fuck me. He leaned me forward, so my chest rested against the couch. His hand left my throat and curved around my front. He slipped into my wet heat, his fingers teasing the hard nub of my clit. I tensed at the contact, the leisurely pace of his touch driving me to the brink of madness.

“I own you, Erica. Your heart, the blood that beats through it when I hold you down this way. Your body, the way it moves for me, comes for me. It’s all mine. Say it. Tell me I own you, baby.”

I shifted into his touch, ignoring his demand.

“Say it.”

I winced, the fight stirring in me anew. “No one owns me.”


Challenge laced his question. Somehow the fire of my desire fed my anger too. I needed to come, to be free of this tension, all of it.

“No one owns me,” I snapped, helpless and frustrated all over again.

His fingertips left my clit. Gripping my hips tightly, he pushed me back against him, his hard cock shoving against my ass. I gasped, my anger fizzling in the tornado of my need to be fucked.

“You’re wrong. The second I slid that ring on your finger, I owned you. Don’t play dumb and pretend you didn’t know it either. You promised me no one would touch you again. Do you remember? I punished you then, and I’m going to punish your ass again and again until I hear the fucking words.”

He pulled back and moved sideways, and the next thing I felt was the lash of his belt across my thighs. The cry that emerged muffled into the couch when another landed.

“We can do this as long as you want. Watching your ass turn red just gets me hard.”

“We weren’t together.” My voice, full of every emotion that he seemed to lack, broke as he unleashed another searing slap against my ass.

“Who’s fucking fault was that?” he barked.

Mine. The burning heat of my skin doubled when another strike landed in the same spot. I cried out, tensing and shifting away, but he held me too tight. He wasn’t spacing them out. He wanted me to feel this in a way I hadn’t fully before.

I own you.

The words wrote themselves across my brain as I took one after the next, tensing until I thought my muscles might cramp. Every one delivered a measure of pain that made pleasure look like a faraway place. Each one seemed harder than the last until I went numb. Tears fell, and the only place I could feel the pain was in my heart, the place where I’d wounded us both.

I barely registered relief when he stopped. My view of the room from the cushion of the couch was blurred with tears. He nudged my knees apart, and I jolted when his palms grazed the sensitive skin that had taken the brunt of his punishment. His fingers slid down the crack of my ass down into my wet sex and plunged deeply. I whimpered, overwhelmed by everything. My body was a live wire, numb and overcharged all at once. Despite all the punishing, I was soaked for him.

He withdrew and pressed a wet fingertip just inside the tight ring of my ass. “I should fuck you here. You deserve it,” he murmured.

I shook my head. I’d made it through the pain, but I couldn’t take any more. I didn’t think I could anyway. I didn’t know if he’d let me come at all, but even that maddening fate seemed better than what he was threatening now.

“Please don’t.”

A second finger entered me, stretching me.

My breath caught, and my brain came back to life out of the fog. My head came up off the couch and I tensed everywhere. “No! I’m begging you, Blake. Please don’t. I can’t.”

He stilled behind me and withdrew without a word. The relief came down on me like a hammer.

“Maybe not tonight, but I’ll have your ass. You can count on it. Do you know why?” He lowered, his lips grazing my ear. “Because I own you,” he whispered.

My jaw clamped down, some small thread of fight lingering in me. The tightness in my throat signaled the torrent of emotions surging its way to my eyes. Anticipation, pain, love. However many minutes or hours had passed had brought on a violent string of emotions shooting through me like a lightning storm.

“I’m going to fuck you, and God help me, you will not come until you say the words.”

With a grip on my hip, he slid his cock against the pulsing entrance of my pussy and pushed in hard. An almost feral groan filled the air, and I realized it was my own. A desperate kind of pleasure filled me. It slid through my veins like the most addictive drug, taking me straight out of my mind where the only thing on earth that mattered was his body in mine. He kneed my legs farther apart so I felt every thrust deep in my core.

“Mine.” He pounded into me. “You will never forget it again, Erica.”