Hard Limit

Author: P Hana

Page 63


I ground my teeth. I knew it. I knew she had something on Isaac. I couldn’t possibly know what though. Diversify, my ass. She’d wanted revenge, and she’d gotten it.

“It’s turned into a complete PR shit storm for Perry Media,” James continued. “I don’t want anywhere near it. Chris put out feelers and got recruited to another tech lab here in the city. I was going to do the same, but figured I’d touch base with you first. I wanted to leave with the rest of you, but you know, we’re not all married to billionaires.”

I laughed softly, flashing a look to Blake. “No, I understand. And I don’t blame you. I just couldn’t… I couldn’t stay and work with her. It would have been hell.”

“Yeah, well, I can validate that. When it hasn’t been stressful, it’s been nothing short of hell.”

“Honestly, I’d love to have you back. We’re going to be working on some new projects as soon as Blake and I get back. Maybe we can meet up then.”

“Sounds like a plan. And sorry for dropping this on you right now. I didn’t mean to impose.”

“Not at all, James. I’m glad you called. I’ll talk to you soon.”

We hung up, and I stared at the phone a moment, letting the shock settle over me. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not that Isaac and Sophia had managed to bulldoze my site to the ground. For the most part, I’d come to terms with losing it, but having their deceit and skeletons exposed in the process was undeniably satisfying.

What worried me more was the prospect that Trevor might be up to his old tricks. He’d been after Clozpin before. He was relentless, trying to meddle with Blake’s affairs, until I’d confronted him. What could he possibly want from us after all this time and destruction?

“I can’t believe it,” I finally said, turning to Blake. 

“I told you Isaac couldn’t be trusted.”

“True. And I told you Sophia was a conniving bitch. So I think we’re both learning to trust each other’s instincts, finally. Do you think Trevor did this?”

Blake stared past me. He appeared cold and emotionless, the way he could become whenever someone like Trevor threatened one of us. “Probably,” he said finally.

“What are we going to do?”

He took my hand, holding it tightly. “Not a damn thing right now. Sounds like he has his sights set on Perry, so let him wreak havoc on them for awhile.”

“He’s not going away, Blake. You have to know that.”

The speakers blared again with a new announcement. First class for our flight was boarding.

Blake stood to collect our bags. “Come on. Let’s go.”

I followed him, my thoughts heavy with the news James had left me with.

We took off out of Logan. The plane banked side to side gracefully, and the city lights came into view below us. For the moment, I convinced myself we were leaving all of our problems behind.