Hard Limit

Author: P Hana

Page 42


I looked past the man, squinting until, through the lighting and crowds of people, I settled on a familiar face. Fucking Sophia. She sat at a high-top bar table on a platform overlooking our VIP sofa. Our eyes met and she offered a small wave, a conceited expression set on her face. I glared at the bartender, momentarily hating anyone remotely connected with her.

“Sophia,” I said.

“What a bitch.” Alli spat.

Simone wrinkled her lip. “Are you telling me I just drank shit on the grass?”

Fiona started laughing. The bartender flashed her a smile and returned his attention back to me. “She wanted me to tell you congratulations,” he said, his mouth tensed into an awkward line.

“Send them back.” I waved my hand for him to go away.

“They’re paid for.” He attempted one last effort to offload the drinks and extricate from this evident long-distance catfight.

“I don’t care. I don’t take drinks from people I don’t trust.”

He hesitated. “What do you want me to do with them?”

I chewed the inside of my lip, an idea forming. “Take them back to her and give her a message. Tell her the ball gag she sent over this week fit perfectly. Blake and I both send our thanks.”

His eyes went wide, and I knew that would be a hard order to fill. I reached into my purse and fished out a handful of bills. I dropped some of the hundreds Blake had given to me onto the tray. “For your trouble. Make sure she gets the message.”

Barely obscuring his smirk, he turned to leave. I sat back on the couch, feeling as smug as Sophia’s face. I glanced over at Alli who was staring at me wide-eyed.

“Ball gag?”


I grabbed my drink and sucked up some more liver-damaging liquid through the straw. “Doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you about it later.”

Or not!

Simone shook her head, her eyes a drunken haze. “I knew you guys were freaks.”

Alli’s wild laughter set off my own, and before I knew it we were doubled over, tears threatening our mascara. Alli’s was still perfect, but I had a feeling mine was probably traveling all over my face at this point in the evening. We finally caught our breath.

“Want to dance? I feel like I’m hitting a wall,” Fiona said.

“Sure.” We jumped up and pushed in the crowd. James followed obediently behind, emerging from somewhere in the shadows where he was giving us our privacy. Whatever orders Blake had given him, he seemed bound to following through. I hoped it had more to do with caring about our well being than accommodating Blake’s overbearing tendencies.

We danced through several songs. With our matching party sashes and my obnoxious blinking tiara, we attracted stares from everywhere. The attention only motivated our dance moves, as the four of us went from tipsy, cute partiers to sweaty, drunk disasters. Simone shimmied her ass against James, who, while on duty, didn’t seem to mind the small distraction from the evening’s task of keeping me “safe.” Alli and I clung to each other, laughing and yelling and reveling in our general awesomeness.

As one song rolled into the next, the persistent pressure in my ass combined with watching Simone grind up on James reminded me of some other fun I could be having. The night had been a blast, but I was now all sorts of horny. I needed my man and I needed to stay upright for the wild night he had promised me. I leaned against Alli.

“I want to go home and see Blake.”

She laughed. “I’m picking up what you’re puttin’ down, babe. Let’s get out of here before I pass out.”


I sucked in a deep breath when we emerged from the club. The night air was cool, refreshing on my damp skin. Fiona and I had our arms linked as I scanned for our ride home.

“This way, ladies. Your chariot awaits.” James led us toward the shiny black limo parked along the curb.


I stopped abruptly, nearly tripping Fiona. James caught her and helped her into the limo. Simone and Alli were taking selfies a few feet away, loudly critiquing each one as not quite right.

A warm arm wrapped around my waist, lifting me to my toes. Blake had me pressed tightly to this chest.

“Blake!” I pressed a sloppy, slightly inappropriate kiss to his lips. I felt him smile under me.

I heard Alli whoop loudly behind us. “Oh my God, I love you two together. Aren’t they the cutest?” She nudged Simone, whose focus was locked onto her phone. “Blake, I love you. Have I told you that? I really do.”

He laughed. “Thanks, Alli. I love you too.”

Her eyes brightened. “You do? Aww, let’s all just get married and have babies. I want babies. Don’t tell Heath, but I want his babies.”

“Maybe you can tell him yourself.”

He nodded toward the limo where Heath emerged. The uncomfortable smile on his face told me he’d heard her. She’d been almost shouting every word for the past three hours, so I wasn’t surprised.

“Heath!” She squealed and bounded into his arms. He lifted her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. She caught him between her hands, kissing him as passionately as I’d just kissed Blake. 

“Wow, they are going to have some fun tonight.”

Blake slid his hand down my spine and grabbed my ass. “I’m more interested in the fun we’re going to have. You still up for it?”

I rubbed my body against him with a helpless moan. I was ready to take him right on the street. I slid my hands around his nape and went for his mouth again.

He chuckled softly, breaking our kiss. “Okay, I’ll take that as a yes. Let’s get you home.” He led me by the hand toward the car.

Despite my efforts to crawl across the console to assault him all the way home, he kept his cool until we got upstairs to the apartment.

But as soon as the door closed behind us, he had me pinned to it. I whimpered, every touch lighting fire over me. I arched into him, lifting my leg to wrap around his thigh, shifting the plug inside. “Fuck, I need you. Like right now.”

He thumbed the thundering pulse at my neck, pressing a kiss there. “Slow down, baby.”

“I can’t slow down. Not tonight.”

“Slow down, or I’ll have to tie you up.”

“I don’t care. Tie me up. Do whatever you want.” Just fuck me, for heaven’s sake.

“I just might. I have plans for you. And your ass.” His hand slid under my dress and nudged the sparkly tip of the plug, reminding me again of what I’d been feeling all night. Friction. Fullness.