Author: P Hana

Page 38


His mouth never leaves me as he quickly maneuvers my other thigh onto his other shoulder, my back and him the only things keeping me from hitting the floor. His mouth takes me hard, sucking and licking until I explode. My hands fist into his hair, holding on for dear life as I fly into the abyss of a mind-shattering orgasm.

When I come to, we’re heading up the stairs. My head is on his shoulder and his hands are under my ass, holding me to him. He opens the door to my room and lays me on the bed. I quickly take off my shoes before lying back on the bed so, just like earlier today, I can watch him undress. The only difference is that, this time when he gets to his pants and unbuttons them, he pulls them and his boxers down at the same time. I hold my breath when I see his size. He’s long and wide, and there’s no way it’s going to fit inside me.

“It’ll be tight, but we’ll make it work.” The familiar words and the smile on his face cause me to smile and my body to relax.

My eyes roam from his eyes down his body, watching as he strokes himself. He walks slowly to me, his muscles flexing with each step. I scoot back up the bed as he crawls to me, his legs spreading my hips wide.

“You’re so gorgeous, baby.”

His body covers mine, his hands going behind my back, where I feel him unhook my bra then drag it down my shoulders. Once my br**sts are free, he lowers his head and pulls first one nipple into his mouth and then the other. I writhe under him, running my hands down his back to his ass, trying to pull him closer. I can feel more wetness surge between my legs as he torments my br**sts. I grab his hair in my hands and pull his mouth away.

“I need you,” I breathe.

His eyes grow even darker and his fingers slip between my legs again. His hand leaves me, but then I feel the head of him at my entrance as he slowly starts to enter me, Then he stops, his body suddenly going still.

“What’s wrong?” I gasp, adjusting to his width.

“Condom… We need a condom.”

His words sound pained, and I search his face before deciding what to say. “I’m on the pill. I’ve been on the pill since I was seventeen.”

“Fuck,” he clips, making me jump and wonder if I said something wrong. “I’m clean, baby, but I want to make sure you’re really okay with this.” Both of his hands go to my hair, pushing it away from my face, his eyes looking me over.

“I want this.”

“Jesus,” he groans.

One of his hands goes to the underside of my thigh, lifting it up higher around his waist while slowly sinking into me. I breathe out against the slight pain, trying instead to concentrate on how good it feels. He starts to move in slow, steady strokes, his lips never leaving mine. I lift my hips higher, wrapping myself completely around him, needing to be as close as possible.

“So perfect. Your pu**y is so f**king perfect,” he says as he slides out only to slide back in, making me moan. Our skin starts to slicken with sweat, causing his body to slide smoothly against mine. “I’m not gonna be able to hold off,” he says, pulling his mouth from mine and pressing his forehead into my collarbone.

I feel right on the edge as his fingers roll over my clit. I want to come, but I’m so consumed by every other emotion I’m feeling that I can’t let go. Instead, I concentrate on the way my body’s feeling. I hold him closer, just enjoying the closeness of the moment and how connected I feel to him. His hips jerk, and I feel him grow even bigger before he groans, his mouth latching on to my neck.

“You didn’t come,” he breathes against my skin after a few moments.

“It’s okay,” I say softly, running a hand down his back. “It was great.”

“‘Great’?” He chuckles, pulling his face out of my neck. When he looks down at me, he shakes his head. “That’s not gonna work for me.”

I don’t even get a chance to ask him what he’s talking about before he picks me up out of bed and walks us to his room, straight into his bathroom, where he starts up the shower, pushing me inside before following me in. He pulls me under the water, tilting my face back. His fingers work through my hair. When his hands leave me, I open my eyes, watching as he grabs a large sponge off the shelf. Then he pours some body wash onto it, lathering it up, causing the room to smell like him.

He gently washes me, paying close attention between my legs, where I can still feel him. When he’s done, he washes himself before tossing the sponge to the shower floor. I think he’s going to get out, but instead, he moves us under the rain coming from the showerhead on the ceiling so that hot, steamy water falls down on us. Then he pulls me to him, my back to his front.

His hands start at my shoulders, rubbing in slow circles, then travel down my arms to my hands, where he pulls them up and behind his head. His fingers run down the inside of my arms, over the tips of my br**sts, down my stomach, and over my hips. One hand moves to my center, rolling over my clit, and the other slides back up to my br**sts, alternately toying with my ni**les. My whole body relaxes into him, just enjoying his touch.

“I love touching you,” he whispers.

The word ‘love’ makes my stomach flutter. I know I’m on the edge of love with him, and it won’t take much to push me over.

“Feel what you do to me?” He licks my neck, his hips shift, and his c**k slides between my legs from behind.

I lower my hand to where his is playing with me, and I feel the head of his c**k near my clit. He pulls his hips back and forth again, and I feel him in my hand every time he moves forward.

“I need to be inside you, baby.” His words sound pained as his hand moves mine out of the way, and on the next thrust forward, he enters me.

“Yes,” I breathe.

“This time, you’re gonna come with me inside you.” He runs his chin up my neck, the scruff on his jaw causing goose bumps to break out on my skin.

One hand cups my breast, first softly. Then it pinches and pulls my nipple as his other hand slowly moves between my legs. My pu**y tightens when his fingers tug my nipple hard.

“Fuck. You like that?” He does it again, getting the same reaction.

It doesn’t take long to feel the knot in my lower stomach start to unravel. I lean forward, putting my hands on the tile wall in front of me. One of his hands slides around my waist, hitting my clit, and the other goes to my nipple, pinching it. My orgasm is sudden and all consuming. His name leaves my mouth on a cry, and in the distance, I hear mine roared as I float away into euphoria. When I come back to myself, I’m sitting in his lap in the middle of the shower, my face in the crook of his neck.