Author: P Hana

Page 37


“Would you like to see the wine list?” the waitress asks when she arrives at our table.

I look up at her and see that her eyes are glued to Kenton. I know that, if we’re going to try and build something lasting between us, I need to get a hold on the jealousy I feel when other women admire him, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

“Would you like a glass of wine, baby?”

My eyes travel from the waitress to Kenton, and I shake my head. I don’t want anything tainting tonight.

His eyes darken with approval and never leave mine as he answers the waitress. “Just water for now.”

She nods and leaves us to look over the menus.

“Do you know what you’re going to have?” he asks after a few minutes.

“I don’t know. Everything looks so good,” I tell him, my mouth watering in anticipation.

“Everything here is delicious. My parents used to bring me and Toni here when we were growing up.”

My throat clogs at the happy memory of him and his family. A wave of sadness hits me over the fact that I have none to share with him.

“Stay with me, baby. We’re here together.” He takes my hand in his, some of his strength seeping into me through our connection.

I look into his eyes and nod as he brings my fingers to his mouth, pressing a kiss to them. “I’m okay,” I say after a few seconds.

He nods but doesn’t release my hand. Even when the waitress comes back to the table to take our order, he still holds on to me but changes the subject. We talk about my job and the request I put in to change shifts; we also talk about Justin and how he started working for him.

He keeps the conversation away from family and anything else he thinks might have me retreating. I know what he’s doing, and I appreciate it more than he knows. During dinner, I realize that he has a way of reading me that no one else ever had. That in itself tells me everything I need to know about being with him.

“Are you ready for dessert?” the waitress asks when she arrives back at our table after clearing our empty dishes.

I squirm, remembering what he said to me in the kitchen about being dessert when we got home. His eyes flare and his tongue comes out, running along his bottom lip.

“Yes,” Kenton replies, his eyes on mine. “You ready for dessert, baby?”

I know his question isn’t about food, and I squeeze my legs together and nod.

“We’ll take a piece of tiramisu to go, please.” He pulls out his wallet, handing her his card.

After he gets his card back along with a dessert box, we get back into his car, and the lust is so thick that I swear I can taste it as he pulls out into traffic. His hand goes to my knee then travels up my thigh and under the hem of my dress. When I feel his finger slide over my core, I gasp.

“Fuck, you sat across from me the whole time like that?” he growls, his finger running down my bare center again.

“Kenton,” I cry when his finger circles my clit.

“Jesus, baby.” His fingers circle my entrance then travel up to run around my clit, keeping me on the edge of the orgasm I feel building, torturing me. I grab his wrist, trying to pull it away. His arm flexes and his hand cups me over my pu**y. “This is mine. I get to play with it any time I want, any way I want to.”

His words have me panting. I turn my head to look at his profile and his eyes come to me. The want and determination I see has me removing my hands from his wrist, sitting back, and spreading my legs slightly.

“Good girl.” He keeps up the same pace and movements, and this time when I feel the orgasm building again, I expect him to pull away like he’s been doing. Instead, two fingers swiftly enter me and I lift my hips higher, meeting his hand. His fingers curve and I come; my head rolls against the headrest and my legs squeeze his hand, which is lodged between my legs.

I wonder how he’s able to drive while controlling my body. I look back over at him once I come back down from the high of my orgasm. I have no idea what happened to my inhibitions, but he makes me want to give myself to him, makes me want to please him. I watch as his fingers leave me and he slowly puts them in his mouth. His eyes close like I’m the best thing he’s ever tasted before coming to me for a second then going back to the road again.

“Yes. That pu**y is mine.”

I press my legs together and pray that we make it to the house without me climbing into his lap and causing an accident. When we pull onto the dirt road that leads to the house, I sigh in relief and hear him hiss out a breath when I lean over and wrap my hand around his cock, feeling it throb against my palm.

“So is this mine then?” I ask teasingly.

The car comes to a stop, and he looks at me. “I’m yours. All of me is yours.”

His words hit my chest and the look in his eyes makes the last of the barricades around my heart crumble into dust. I swallow and lick my bottom lip, never breaking eye contact.

“And I’m yours,” I tell him.

His eyes close and his forehead touches mine. “That makes me a very happy man.” His hand moves to the underside of my jaw, tilting my head to the side, and his mouth slants over mine, taking it in a deep kiss before tearing away. “Inside. Now.”

His door opens and I fumble with my seatbelt, getting it unhooked right as my door is opened. I’m out of the car in a heartbeat, and we rush up the stairs. My mouth goes to his neck as he fumbles with the keys, trying to get the door open. Once inside, he shoves me against the wall, his hands going to the tie on my dress. I expect him to rip it apart. Instead, he drops to his knees, his eyes locking on mine as he slowly pulls the ribbon, causing the dress to fall open, exposing one side of my body.

His fingers move to the small button on the inside of the dress, undoing it quickly, making the dress open completely. He looks me over then pulls the dress off my arms, letting it drop to the floor, leaving me in nothing but my sheer bra and heels.

“Best gift I’ve ever unwrapped,” he mumbles, running his hands along my sides then to my ass, pulling my hips forward to kiss me above my pubic bone.

I start to pant as I watch his tongue come out and lick up my center. My head falls back as his hand lifts my leg over his shoulder. My hands go to his head for leverage as he shoves his face between my legs, his mouth sucking my clit before releasing and licking it in fast strokes.

“Oh God,” I breathe as two fingers enter me and my body starts to shake. My one heel on solid ground makes me teeter. “Wait,” I cry, feeling myself start to fall.